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Should You Move to the Countryside?

Months of being ‘locked down’ in our houses has meant that more and more people are considering moving to the countryside than ever before. Perhaps it’s a yearning for freedom outside of your house and city walls. Perhaps we imagine running into a field of flowers that has a landscape that seems to go on for eternity. We imagine shouting out our joy at the top of our lungs without having to worry about waking up the neighbours. Is this realistic though? Does living in the countryside really mean more happiness? Read on to find out some advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside.

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  1. The first benefit of living in the countryside is that you will experience more peace. Depending on how close you are to a main road, you won’t have to hear the hum of traffic all day and night, or the ongoing noises of busy metropolitan areas. The peace will help you unwind and natural environments away from the city buzz have actually been proven to reset your nervous system. This will help with depression, anxiety and possibly help ease symptoms of other mental illnesses too. However, living in the countryside, as opposed to what the Victorians thought, is not a cure for mental illness and should definitely not be a substitute for medical and professional mental health support. Needless to say though, if you are tired of the constant noise of where you currently live, you will find peace in the countryside as you’ll likely hear only the birds, and trees rustling in the wind. Make sure you choose a house that isn’t near an airport though, otherwise your plan will backfire, and you’ll hear the constant noise of airplanes flying above you.
  2. The next benefit is that you’ll be closer to nature and will have access to footpaths and country walks every day. This is great for keeping fit, and for your mental well-being. If you are an artist, living in the countryside can be ideal to find inspiration for nature. If you have a dog, it is a lot better for them to be in the countryside as they have more space to run around. Living in the countryside may encourage you to get outdoors more, meaning you’ll get more exposure to sunlight. This can encourage Vitamin D production in your body, and regulate your circadian rhythm which can help with sleep problems such as insomnia.

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  1. The last benefit is that because you are likely to be quite far away from other people, you are less likely to take for granted the few neighbours you have, and are more likely to form a community. The disadvantage of being so far from others and metropolitan areas though can be that you will have to make more of an effort to have a social life. You will also need a car if you want to get to the shop or to events.

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