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Maribel Verdú Net Worth, Lifestyle and Artistic Career

With more than 3 decades of artistic career, Maribel Verdú (October 2, 1970) is at the peak of interpretation. Considered one of the most successful Spanish actresses in history, this star has won countless accolades for her excellent performances all over the world. It has stood behind countless characters who have put her versatility to the test. Discover all the secrets of a world-class figure in the biography, lifestyle and net worth of Maribel Verdú.

Maribel Verdú biography

María Isabel Verdú Rollán was born in Madrid, Spain. She was the first daughter between María Isabel Rollán Carvajal, a former model, and Gregorio Verdú. She spent her childhood in the capital, along with her parents and her two younger sisters, twins who were born five years after Maribel. She showed interest in modelling after finding an old photo album of her mother, corresponding to the time in which she maintained that profession.

Maribel Verdú net worth

After appearing in a couple of catalogues, she was hired to act in advertisements for different companies and became the image of some of the first McDonald’s commercials in Spain. Later, at the age of 14, she landed a role in the series The footprint of crime, in the episode “The crime of Captain Sánchez.” A year later, in 1986, she made her film debut when she starred in The Year of Lights, a role she obtained thanks to her good performance on television.

Her debut on the big screen is remembered for a sex scene with actor Jorge Sanz. Verdú, who has confessed that she had not lost her virginity yet, had an excellent performance and did not refuse to shoot any scenes. Her commitment and discipline positioned her as a growing revelation and led her to star in 27 hours, another highly remembered film of the time. She returned to work with Sanz in 1991 for the film Amantes, a performance that earned her first Goya nomination.

Maribel Verdú Net Worth

I had many first times at the movies. The first time I made love or took drugs was in movies, before doing it in real life. As you accumulate years, you begin to interpret things that have already happened to you. Still, there is a certain magic in having first experiences when you act. Her net worth is about 2 million dollars.

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Maribel Verdú around the world

She collaborated again with Fernando Trueba – director of The Year of Lights – by playing a supporting role in the 1992 film Belle Époque. The production, which won several awards, allowed Verdú to mature as an actress and share a cast with interpreters of the stature of Fernando Fernán Gómez. The actress won two more Goya nominations in the 1990s for her performances in two romantic dramas: La Celestina and La Buena Estrella.

She officially ventured into international cinema by playing Mercedes in Pan’s Labyrinth, directed by Guillermo del Toro and released in 2006. The feature film was acclaimed by critics around the world and won six Oscar nominations. Verdú’s performance had an excellent reception and the actress was nominated for a Goya. Although she was not a winner, she would end up taking the award a year later for her performance in Seven French Pool Tables.

With the showcase

In 2008, Maribel Verdú returned to Spanish cinema to star in Los girasoles ciegos. She continued a run of critically acclaimed films with Tetro. A film shot between Spain and Argentina that mixed performers of different nationalities. She devoted herself to the theatre for the next year and achieved great results with the play A Wild God.

Maribel Verdú returned to the big screen in 2012 with Snow White, where she played the main villain. She took her second Goya for Best Actress for her performance and the film was highly praised at an international level. A year later she returned to the theatre with The Children of Kennedy and received applause in the cinema for her performance in 15 years and a day.

She participated in two Argentine productions between 2015 and 2016: Sin Niños, a comedy focused on life as a couple, and El faro de las orcas, a drama directed by Gerardo Olivares that explores the relationship between humans and animals. Later, in 2018, Maribel Verdú tried her luck in the comedy genre with Ola de crimes, a comedy in which she starred alongside Paula Echevarría and Juana Acosta, and Sin rodeos, directed by Santiago Segura.

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