The Traveler’s Guide to Choosing the Right Flashlight

Ready to explore the world and start checking things off of your list? First things first: you’ve got to pack your bags. The gear you decide to pack will depend on how you’re traveling, where you’re going, and what you plan to do once you get there. Here’s the traveler’s guide to choosing one of the most important things you can add to your luggage: a flashlight.

How Are You Traveling?

If you plan on traveling by car, then you really only have to worry about how much space your flashlight takes up. If you’re traveling by plane it’s a bit more complicated. There are rules about packing liquids and weapons in carry-on luggage, and there are also rules about flashlights. Regular flashlights that are less than seven inches are allowed in carry-on luggage. Regular flashlights, not tactical flashlights. Many tactical flashlights have a strike bezel around the lens of the light that can be used to break glass and can also be used for self-defense. If the TSA agent looking through your carry-on thinks that the edge of a flashlight could be used as a weapon, they will likely not allow it on the flight. If you’re trying to stick to carry-on luggage only, then a small, non-tactical flashlight is your best option. If you’re checking luggage, then you can pack any type of flashlight you want. However, any spare lithium batteries have to be packed in your carry-on luggage. There’s a lot of back and forth here, but think of it this way: better to be prepared before you get to the gate!

What Will You Need it For?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a flashlight is how you’ll be using it. A small light attached to a key chain is great for lighting up the path to a rental apartment. If you’re planning on exploring a cave or being out in the woods, you’ll probably want something a little sturdier. A compact flashlight that fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily attached to a belt or slipped into your pocket is perfect for quick access and a bright beam of light. Larger flashlights might be less adaptable than smaller flashlights, but bigger flashlights generally have a wider beam and longer throw, so if you’re trying to illuminate a bigger space the wider throw can enhance your sightseeing experience. No matter what you need your flashlight for, make sure it’s durable enough to withstand the rigors of a journey and has a battery life that you can depend on.

What’s Your Final Destination?

Are you headed to an urban city to explore art and culture and do some shopping? Did you rent a remote cabin with no electricity or running water? Depending on where your travels take you, your flashlight needs might vary greatly. A headlamp is a great hands-free option for night hikes through the woods or late-night walks around a neighborhood. If you’re going to be spending time away from civilization, then choosing a flashlight with a long battery and rechargeable capabilities is key. A compact, handheld flashlight is great for finding your way down urban streets at night, handling power outages, and any other surprises that might pop up on your travels.

The most exciting part of traveling is getting to see new places. Make sure your view is illuminated by a dependable flashlight!

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