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Why Mental Health Awareness is so Important in the Workplace

Mental illness is something that can strike anyone. Like physical illness, there are things which can affect it, however, it is something that anyone could find themselves affected by. However, it is not until more recently that awareness has grown around mental illness.

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Something that was once a stigma, and was little understood, is now something which people are taking as seriously as they would a physical illness. Something that many people who suffer with a mental illness struggle with is work. If they have a job, they may be fearful of explaining that they have a mental illness, however that is changing for the better nowadays.

For employers, it is all about becoming more aware and educated about mental illness. You don’t have to be an expert but having knowledge of mental illnesses and how to manage them is good in any workplace. Mental health training courses like these are a great way to educate employees on mental illness so that they know more about it.

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Having a workplace that is understanding and accepting of any kind of illness is also a good thing for everyone – it creates better staff morale as people don’t feel as if they need to worry about being ill, and it also means that staff are likely to stay working in a friendly and supportive environment, so it means that staff turnover will be much lower.

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