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From Brunch to Dinner Dates: Four Ways to Style Your Midi Dress

Here’s a quick fact before shedding light on ways to style a midi dress. As of 2022, the revenue for Australia’s women’s apparel segments alone accounts for 15.01 billion Australian dollars. This apparel segment includes all sorts of pieces, from jeans and dresses to shoes and accessories.

Midi dresses gained tremendous popularity around the 1970s, and the love for the garment has remained intact ever since. A classic piece of garment that you can wear to brunches and your dinner dates, all you need is correct styling.

If you have a few midi dresses resting in your closet and you’re looking for style tips, this article is for you. Read and find out how you can pull off some stunning looks with this classic piece of garment.

What is a Midi Dress?

For starters, here’s what exactly a midi dress is. Basically, any dress that ends under your knees or slightly above your ankles is a midi dress. Commonly, most of these dresses are calf-length, sort of in the middle of both knees and ankles.

Top Four Ways To Style A Midi Dress

So, how to pull them off with style? Well, if you are wondering how you could possibly experiment so much with a midi dress, find your answers below.

Casual Equals Crop Top

For starters, it is not difficult to pull off a crop top with a midi dress. Pair your favourite crop top and wear it over your favourite midi dress. Take the word, it is no rocket science.

If you like playing with colours or considering patterns before styling two garments together, you can check which crop top goes well with your dress. The best part? You can be as casual and still be edgy with your look. Throw on a pair of sneakers to complete the look.

Espadrilles and Gladiator Sandals

Summer is the season of flats and breezy dresses, and it is a fact. Doubt that? Well, pair a cute pair of espadrilles or gladiators sandals with a bonny midi dress, and your perfect summer outfit is ready. Also, if you are the “flats over heels” kind of person, this look can be a godsend.

Leather Jackets

Swap the crop top with a leather jacket to go from morning to evening, wishing seconds. Besides, leather jackets are so versatile and easy to style. Pair it with your midi dress and achieve a chic look.

To make the look natty, wear a classy pair of stilettos or your favourite heels, a statement clutch, a watch, and the job’s done.

Carry a Tote

Running errands? Wear a midi dress, pick your lovely oversized tote and get going. This looks really classy, and you will definitely make heads turn with this super casual and relaxed look. Not to mention how you can have all your essentials with you throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

That’s it about styling midi dresses. The idea is simple, approach it however you please. Ditch the heels if you prefer flats or vice versa. Carry an oversized tote if you prefer stepping out carrying all your essentials along or a clutch if you just need some cash and cards.

Finally, you can accessorise the outfit as per your liking. Go for minimal pieces for a brunch date with your girlfriends, and consider statement pieces to achieve classy evening looks. Midi dresses are beyond versatile. So go ahead and see for yourself.

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