10 straight to defeat Jet Lag naturally

There is nothing worse than losing the first days of vacation due to the symptoms of jet lag. Better to prevent and follow the 10 useful tips to feel the effects at minimum.

If you have done one or more intercontinental trips, you know very well what we are talking about, because you have tried it on your skin. Landing in a time zone that is very different from the starting time (and staying on a plane for many hours) has physiological consequences on the body: fatigue, loss of energy, insomnia and headaches are just some of the symptoms of Jet Lag.

Defeat Jet Lag Naturally!

Completely getting rid of jet lag is impossible, but there are some things and tips to follow that help reduce their effects. Below are 10 remedies to be taken literally so as not to be intimidated by jet lag and its symptoms …

Drink a lot of water

It may seem obvious yet it is something we often forget to do. The ideal is to bring dried fruit in flight and avoid the airplane’s coffee at all costs, taking advantage of the time of the flight for a detox break.

This would allow the body to better withstand all the changes it will undergo after landing.

Prepare in advance

Before leaving for a long flight, you can prepare yourself by starting to slightly change your sleep times and keep watch in the direction of the time zone to which you are flying.

Do not drink alcohol

The temptation to drink in flight to relax and help each other sleep is strong. Alcohol, however, promotes dehydration and should be avoided. If you really want to drink ask for a Bloody Mary: according to a study by London University it would be the best cocktail to re-balance the senses and withstand flight stress.

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Move the clock during packaging

It might seem a little effective straight, but the mind, as we know, has underestimated powers. Starting to think in the new time zone can help you to adjust to it.

Do not pass the first day to sleep

If you travel to the east, taking a nap once at your destination may help, but only if it is a short rest. Otherwise, avoid falling asleep.

Sleeping by air

The ideal is to sleep on the plane, especially if you are traveling to the west, so that you can endure once at your destination and go to bed only when night falls, adjusting to the new time zone.

Eating light

Eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and fiber from the morning before departure is a valuable help. Avoiding food from the plane could be a great thing if you have the chance to bring a healthy meal prepared at home with you.

Take melatonina

Melatonin balances the effects of flight, strengthens the immune system and helps sleep. You can take it from fruit and vegetables or through special tablets (after checking with your doctor if that’s the case, of course).

Take a lot of sun

If you land in a big city, don’t forget this important rule and try to dedicate your first days of travel to parks and open spaces so as to get as much sunshine as possible.

Make a protein breakfast after arrival

Taking protein at breakfast allows you to be less hungry during the day and to better cope with everything that happens during the day. Eating less crap a day and staying light helps, then, to rest better when sleeping.

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