Visit the Most Beautiful Landscape in France

If you are looking for a destination for your next vacation and you still do not know the exuberant beauty of the Loire Valley, you better not miss any detail of our article. You are invited to take a little virtual tour of every corner of this amazing natural space, known as the Garden of France.

How to get? The Loire Valley is in the heart of France, a couple of hours away from the Parisian capital. Read on and discover in detail what the most beautiful landscape in France is like.

Most beautiful landscape in France

A region of the most fascinating and seductive that you fall in love from the first moment, thanks to its impressive architecture, the scenic beauty of its nature and the artistic legacy of times such as the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

most beautiful landscape in France

The valley is well known for its historical cities such as Amboise, Blois, Nantes and Orléans, among others, in addition to its numerous and impressive castles, where majestic buildings such as Amboise, Villandry and Chenonceau stand out.

What to do in the Loire Valley?

The Loire Valley is the perfect place to get lost and enjoy a pleasant walk, while we admire the spectacular nature and monuments. Equip yourself with comfortable clothes and shoes to explore each and every one of the secrets that this valley holds, through the different hiking routes and cultural excursions that the Loire offers.

The perfect opportunity to breathe fresh air and delve into its wooded and lush forests, cool off in its mighty rivers, photograph its amazing natural landscapes and contemplate the most important medieval architecture in France.

In the valley, you will also find an interesting offer of accommodation with elegant hotels and cheap hostels, as well as restaurants where you can taste the most typical dishes of French gastronomy.

The perfect finishing touch for an unforgettable vacation that has it all: nature, culture and sport. A getaway that you can do in the company of your family, your friends or your partner, because company is not what matters, when the destination is the Loire Valley.

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