Why Dealership First Impressions Matter

The car dealership industry is becoming more competitive as sales stagnate, road tax changes bite and consumers become confused about which kind of vehicle they should purchase, with governments legislating on traditional fuels and encouraging electrical power units.

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Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed sales for 2018 were 7% down on the previous year. More alarming low figures for January 2019 showed the trend looks set to continue.

Competitive Times

So how do traders deal with these problems and keep their costs under control?

In these competitive times overheads become important, and dealers and traders will be keeping an eye on their motor trade insurance. Advice on this significant outgoing can be found online at sites covering motor trade insurance.

Increasing sales will, however, remain the key to success. The view from industry professionals is that first impressions can seriously impact on sales when potential clients arrive at the trader’s site. No matter what vehicles you have on display, clients are increasingly looking for a good experience, which can enhance sales.

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This may be making sure they can park easily and find a salesperson available to show them the kind of options available for the vehicle they are looking for. Making sure your staff engage with the client immediately and put them at ease will improve your sales ratio.

Likely to Make a Purchase

This begins with reception areas, making clients feel comfortable whilst they wait for a representative to discuss the reason for their visit. At busy times sales staff can be tied up, and so it is important that your reception area makes visitors welcome. Ensuring reception staff are more than meeters and greeters will help to retain clients’ attention whilst they wait to get into greater detail about the vehicles on offer.

Customers who are made welcome will be more likely to make a purchase.

There is little doubt that the explosion of internet trading has influenced the number of visits to showrooms. People can browse online without a salesperson guiding them to certain models. Unsurprisingly, they seek a similar experience when they go to a showroom or sales site. Ensuring that your staff understand the difference between providing information and pressuring a sale is key to ensuring that you have a business which customers find welcoming.


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