How to Set Homepage on Android Phone

Google is the search engine par excellence and not surprisingly the most used in the world, so much so that it has acquired, over the years from which it has been made accessible, billions of dollars worth. Therefore on classic PCs, when you access your browser, everyone is used to having it as the first page and then start surfing. But when are you with your smartphone? It turns out reluctantly that the start page is not that of Google and panic takes over.

Do not worry, just continue reading the short and simple guide I propose later, to find out how to set homepage on android phone, so as not to have nostalgia for the dearand classic personal computer. The guide that follows will show the steps to be performed for the main browsers, even if the differences between one and the other are really small, as now, almost all browsers maintain very similar operating styles.

How to set homepage on android phone?

how to set homepage on android phone

To set Google as your home page on Android you must first open the relevant application. As a result, upon opening you will see the default browser page, i.e. a screen where all the pages most recently opened are present. To eliminate this screen you have to go to the settings, you will find this item in the Chrome menu at the top right. At this point you just have to scroll with your eyes until you find the tab that indicates the home page and enter the following URL www.googlecom.

Set the Google home on Mozilla Firefox

If instead you use the Mozilla Firefox application to navigate from your smartphone, the procedure is mostly similar to the previous one. To remove the default home page from the browser itself and set Google as the home page on Android you will also need to go here in the settings. Once the menu is open, you will access a whole series of items until you see what you need. As for Chrome also for Mozilla you have to delete the old URL and insert the Google one so that you can change the “home” screen on the navigation application.

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Set the Google home to Safari

Many use Safari as their smartphone browser. By default, the well-known browser offers a view containing the bookmarks that have been saved as the start page. However, even in this case, you can easily modify the main page by accessing the Preference section from the menu.

Here you will have the possibility to edit the desired url as the home page, which of course you will set as if you intend to use this link as the home screen when you start your browser. At this point every time you log in? in Safari the home page will be that of the well-known search engine.

Set the Google home on all other browsers

Until now, only the browsers that are used the most in everyday life have been named. However, if you are a user of one of all the other browsers available on the Android Play Store, to set Google as the start page on it will be sufficient that you locate the settings menu and find the field that allows you to enter the URL.

Through this short guide we have seen how it is possible to set Google as the home page of your favorite browser on Android. Using Google as your “home” page on your device will allow you to navigate with peace of mind given the great reliability approved and repeatedly demonstrated by the search engine of the Mountain View, California company.

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