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Living room lamps: The ideal lighting for a cozy living room

What could be better than going home, leaving the stress behind, and lying on the sofa? That sweet moment when you close the door behind you and with a deep breath you forget the whole world with its din. For this special moment, light plays a fundamental role: what do you need to pay attention to make a living room warm and welcoming thanks to light?

Follow Lamps. it’s advisable to choose the perfect lighting for a more welcoming living room and to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

The living room reflects the character of those who live there: say it with lightLiving room lamps

Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you how to make your stay welcoming!

The living room is the room that best represents us: we spend our free time there, we welcome guests and friends, we look for an oasis of peace. Here are some examples of types:

  • The bibliophile will have a living room full of bookcases and a comfortable armchair for reading: a reading lamp, a floor lamp with adjustable arms or an elegant arc lamp cannot be missing. Even the bookcases should be enhanced with recessed spotlights or furniture appliques .
  • The cinephile will certainly have a large television: soft lighting is essential here. A backlight with LED spotlights on cables or recessed spotlights is a great solution.
  • For the gamer, the living room is dominated by the console: a dimmable lamp is a good choice but the ideal solution is a remote controlled lamp !
  • The perfect guest needs various points of light to be able to define the space according to the situations: a lamp for the dining table, soft light to make the living room welcoming for chatting with friends, or a more decisive light for family days.

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Size doesn’t matter: enhance the space with furniture and lighting

Light can affect our perception of space. Why not use it to make your living room warm and welcoming?

  • How to make a small living room cozy? With light colors, a large mirror, few furniture on the floor, two sofas that are not too deep, a low table, and the right lighting: wall lights , LED ceiling lights or directional spotlights to avoid dark corners.
  • How to make a very large living room cozy? By breaking up the space with distinct light points and playing with carpets and furniture to create different functional angles. A pendant lamp above a large dining table, a floor lamp in the area with the sofa and a soft general light that floods the room make a living room more welcoming. The classic chandelier is also indicated.

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The eternal dilemma: ceiling light or floor lamp to make the living room welcoming?Living room lamps

Is a ceiling light or floor lamp better to create a cozy living room? Both!

  • A ceiling lamp is practical and provides general lighting, to which it is possible to combine one or more light points with wall lamps for bookcases, reading lamps, and… a floor lamp!
  • The floor lamp has the advantage of being a piece of furniture to enrich the style of the living room. You can choose a lamp to match the furniture or decide to “break up” by inserting a design lamp.

Finally, don’t forget to also play with the materials to make the living room more welcoming: for example, if wood prevails in the room, a metal lamp offers a perfect counterpoint! Take a look at the wide range of products available on Lamps.it and find the right inspiration!

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