Pepsi Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Pepsi is a globally renowned brand name. It has been on the market for longer than anyone alive today will remember, having been originally founded 125 years ago. As one of the oldest brands around, it is understandable that they are celebrating their milestone 125th birthday!

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Origins of Pepsi Brand

The Pepsi brand is immediately recognisable with its spherical blue, red and white logo. It is now available all around the world but has its humble origins in North Carolina, USA. The first name given to the carbonated drink was ‘Brad’s Drink’ – after the man who started it all, Caleb Bradman.

In 1898, it was renamed ‘Pepsi-Cola’, and it was even supplied to American soldiers fighting in WWII! The ‘Cola’ addition was officially dropped in 1961, when the company started to be recognised as ‘Pepsi’.

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Now Pepsi is available from post mix suppliers all over the world.

Pepsi – World Domination!

Pepsi was ranked number 29 in a table of the World’s Most Valuable Brands last year – an astounding achievement. And post mix suppliers can ensure you get your Pepsi fix.

Pepsi has had a huge influence on the world of advertising – sometimes even garnering some negative attention through controversial commercials. But, as they say, all press is good press!

Massive mega-stars such as Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and One Direction have backed the brand, putting their famous faces to the name.

Pepsi has become such a well-known name across the world, largely due to advertisements, social media and the world of the internet. As we have become more globally minded and connected to others, we have also become more likely to recognise the same logos and brands.

The American Superbowl half-time show is renowned for its fantastic live performances and is one of the most expensive events to advertise in. Pepsi have advertised during this slot for the last six years! This year alone, the half-time show had 98.2 million viewers around the world.

The age-old rivalry between Pepsi and their largest competitors, Coca-Cola, has fuelled the popularity fire, with many people preferring one over the other.

Pepsi Varieties

To keep up with demand and with modern times, Pepsi has developed all sorts of delicious varieties, including sugar-free Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi, tasty Pepsi Max Cherry and Pepsi Max Ginger.

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