How to Make Minion Goggles Out of Paper?

Minions – those cute and naughty little yellow creatures from the Despicable Me movies – have become wildly popular in recent years. From movies to video games, minion toys, and costumes, it seems like the minions are everywhere! One of the most iconic parts of a minion costume or toy is the unique goggles they wear. With their round lenses and thin metal frames, minion goggles are a distinctive part of minion style.

Making your pair of minion goggles out of simple craft supplies like paper and tape is an easy, fun project for minion fans of all ages. With just a few household materials, you can create a budget-friendly minion accessory to complete your costume or to wear for fun. Read on to learn how to make minion goggles out of paper in just a few easy steps!

Gather Your Materials

Gather Your Materials

To make paper minion goggles, you will need:

  • Two paper or cardboard toilet paper rolls
  • Paper (construction paper, scrapbooking paper, or cardstock will work best)
  • Tape (duct tape, masking tape, or double-sided tape)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Decorations (markers, stickers, glitter, etc. to customize your goggles)

The paper toilet paper rolls will form the base of the goggles. You’ll want to use lightweight but sturdy paper – construction paper, scrapbooking paper, or cardstock are good options. Avoid using flimsy paper.

Duct or masking tape works best for assembling the goggles, as they will hold all the pieces together nicely. Double-sided tape can also be used.

You’ll need basic craft supplies like scissors and pencils to cut shapes and trace. Feel free to get creative with decorations like markers, colored pencils, stickers, glitter, etc. This lets you add your personal touch!

Make the Goggle Frames

  1. Cut your two toilet paper rolls in half to have four shorter tubes. These will create the circular frames for the lenses of the goggles.
  2. Make a notch or cut on each tube to create an area that will fit over the bridge of your nose. Make the notch approximately 1 inch wide and 3/4 inch deep.
  3. On the side of the tubes that will sit at your temples, create slits approximately 1 inch long on each end. This is where you’ll thread the string or elastic band to keep the goggles secured.
  4. Set aside the frames for now.

Cut Out the Lenses

  1. Take your paper and trace four circular shapes that fit snugly into the toilet paper roll frames. The circles should completely cover each end of the tubes.
  2. Use the pencil to poke a small hole near the edge of each lens. Do this on both sides of the circle outline before cutting them out.
  3. Carefully cut out the circle shapes.

Attach the Lenses

  1. Thread a long piece of tape through the hole on one lens. Make sure there is plenty of sticky surface left to adhere it to the inside of the goggle frame.
  2. Firmly press the lens over one end of a toilet paper roll frame. The tape should stick to the inside, holding the lens in place.
  3. Repeat this process to attach a lens to the other end of the frame and for the remaining three frames.

Connect the Google Frames

  1. Take two frames and turn them so the notched areas are aligned. Place a piece of tape perpendicularly over the notches to connect the frames.
  2. Please do the same with the remaining two frames, connecting them with tape at the notches.
  3. Once connected, you should have two goggles pieces with two lenses.

Add the Straps

  1. Take two long pieces of string, ribbon, elastic, or fabric strips. These will form the straps around your head to hold up the goggles.
  2. At the slits you cut earlier in the temple areas, thread the straps through from the inside to the outside.
  3. Tie secure knots or double-knot the material so the straps stay in place.
  4. Try on the goggles to determine how long you want the straps to fit comfortably. Cut off any excess strap length.

Decorate Your Minion Goggles!

Now comes the enjoyable part – customizing your minion goggles! Let your creativity go wild.

  • Use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to draw minion eyes, mouths, or other designs over the yellow lenses.
  • Add stickers or glitter around the rims for extra pizzazz. Minions love anything that sparkles!
  • Cut shapes from construction paper, like stars or lightning bolts, and tape them onto the frames.
  • Glue on pompoms, wiggly eyes, pom poms, or any decorations you like!

The great thing about crafting your goggles is you can decorate them however you choose. Before wearing them, make final adjustments to the straps to fit perfectly over your eyes. Then, have fun channeling your inner minion!

Minion Goggles Inspiration

Minion Goggles Inspiration

Not sure where to start designing your minion goggles? Here are some creative ideas and examples:

  • Classic minion: Their eyes look like yellow lenses with black rims, and outlined minion eyes are drawn on the lenses with a marker.
  • Unicorn minion: Add rainbow colors, glitter, eyelashes, and fabric unicorn horns on the rims.
  • Bob minion: Bob has one eye that goes vertically instead of horizontally. Create a lens with a vertical minion eye.
  • Bride minion: For a bride minion costume, add white and silver accents like ribbons, sequins, and pearls.
  • Scuba minion: Blue and green decorations like ribbon “flippers” coming off the frames, fish stickers.
  • Pirate minion: Draw crossbones and pirate flags on black construction paper and glue them on.
  • Cupid minion: Add red and pink hearts and glittery pipe cleaner arrows from the top.

The great thing about minions is that their look can easily be adapted and accessorized for any theme or costume. Let those creative juices flow!


What if the toilet paper rolls are too big for my kid’s head?

You can trim the toilet paper rolls to make them shorter and narrower. The frames need to fit snugly around the eyes.

What if the paper lenses are too flimsy?

Try using slightly thicker paper like cardstock or laminating the paper after cutting it out. You want the lenses to be sturdy enough not to bend too easily.

How can I make the goggles more comfortable to wear?

Add padding inside the rims with craft foam, spare fabric scraps, or by gluing on soft felt. You can also cut small slits around the rims so they flex more.

Can I re-size the straps if they’re uncomfortable?

Yes, you can adjust or replace the straps. Try elastic hair ties, ribbons, soft fabric strips, or cords to find what feels best.

What if the tape won’t stick well to the paper?

Rub a glue stick on paper surfaces before taping to add more adhesion. Or use a stronger double-sided tape or super glue instead.

Making your own minion goggles out of paper and basic craft supplies is an easy, fun DIY project for minion fans, costume enthusiasts, and creative kids of all ages. Follow the simple steps to construct the toilet paper roll frames, attach the hand-cut lenses, and decorate them with your unique minion style. Let your imagination go wild, and make a pair of minion goggles that show off your personality! Once you have the hang of it, you can create minion-sized accessories for any occasion.


Many love minions for their cute, goofy, and endearing ways. Crafting your customizable minion goggles out of paper is the perfect way to join the fun. With simple household materials like toilet paper tubes, paper, tape, scissors, and decorations, you can build a budget-friendly minion costume or a new favorite accessory.

Follow the instructions to construct the frames, lenses, and straps. Then, make the goggles your own with fun embellishments and minion flair. From classic two-eyed minions to unicorns and pirates, your creativity is limitless. Transform your office into a whimsical haven this Valentine’s Day by following these fun and thoughtful ideas. Walk through each step slowly, involve the whole family, and enjoy watching your minion goggles come to life. The next time you hear someone say ‘bee-do, bee-do!’ you’ll have the perfect accessories to show off your love for those cute yellow henchmen, making your office celebration truly unforgettable.

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