Exploring Benbulben Mountain

If you want to get away from it all and wind down this summer, then a break to Sligo is perfect. As well as the fact that you have all the facilities that you need to make your stay comfortable in Sligo town, such as hotels, restaurants and shops like Vodafone Sligo there are also plenty of natural wonders to explore in the area, which makes it the perfect place for a restful break.

With the beautiful mountains that are the setting for thousands of years of Irish legends and history so nearby, you will really be spoiled for choice. Benbulben Mountain overlooks Sligo, and many of the Irish legends feature it – it is believed that Diarmuid and Grainne were killed here, and it is their final resting place, after being chased here by Fionn MacCool who wanted Grainne for himself.

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It also has featured in the poems of the famous poet WB Yeats, such as the Celtic Twilight and of course Under Benbulben. The surrounding countryside is of course known as Yeats country due to the poet’s works. His grave can be found in a churchyard in the village of Drumcliffe.

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The walk to the summit is a round trip that takes around 4 hours, depending on which route you take to the top. From here the views are spectacular of course and it is also enjoyed by birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts who will adore the stunning scenery as well as the many different plants and birds that call it home.

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