Some Frequently Asked Questions about Truck Magnetic Signs 

A trucking company often uses its trucks as advertising platforms to promote its brand. The trucks of a trucking company gain high exposure to the public thanks to the typical nature of their business. It makes the trucks a great platform, an opportunity for implementing your marketing objectives. You can consider showcasing your organization’s equipment, and at the same time, you could use the trucks as your company’s ‘brand messaging canvas or platform’. According to Forbes, mobile advertising and promotion is supposed to be an incredibly successful form of advertising. You should be clear about what exactly you wish to achieve through your marketing efforts. Are you thinking in terms of reputation building, prospecting, or branding? You may use attractive magnetic truck signs to reap the benefits.

Are highlighting specialties the key? 

If your trucking organization boasts of a specialty area, it is a good idea to highlight it while establishing your truck branding. For instance, if your company specializes in fast delivery times, hauling wide loads, or even heavyweight capacities, it is a good idea to focus on promoting their specialization in your branding. It will go a long way in showcasing your brand and specific niche in that segment. It should help you in gaining a competitive edge.

Do all magnetic truck signs come in the same size? 

No, magnetic signs for trucks, vans, cars, or other vehicles come in uniform sizes. We come across numerous different types of vehicles on the streets every single day. You have easy access to customized magnetic vehicle sign options for different vehicles. Hence, vehicle magnets are available in many sizes and shapes.

What type of material is used for making truck signs?

Truck magnetic signs are made from top-quality materials and are available to brands and businesses at reasonable prices. It is crucial to understand that the thickness of a vehicle magnet determines the quality of the magnetic signs for your truck. The magnetic sign can adhere seamlessly to the truck’s surface if it is of reasonable thickness. Remember that a custom magnetic sign for your company’s truck is a critical investment, and you certainly deserve the very best. Custom truck magnets are often available on 30 mm thick premium magnetic material. Always stick to using a professional-grade magnum that has 12 poles for every inch. It implies that you will come across no dead spots throughout the magnetic surface. Top-quality is essential to ensure a secure hold.

Why do magnetic truck signs stay secure during transit?

Proper installation of the magnet is of utmost importance if you wish for your vehicle sign to remain intact and capable of withstanding highway speeding. It should be installed in clean flat areas. Make sure that there are no air pockets. High-quality custom magnetic truck signs start with a high-resolution print first, onto a layer of adhesive vinyl, and then the vinyl is laminated nicely in the clear shield of coating that has a luster finish. It ends up with an additional protective layer for shielding it from abrasions from chemicals and flying matter. Ultimately, a wide-format laminator is used for sticking the vinyl permanently to the magnetic backing. This robust magnetic truck sign is excellent for withstanding inclement weather conditions.


All businesses can be benefitted from magnetic truck signs. Right from sole proprietorships to medium-sized businesses, all opt for these vehicle magnetic signs because they are cost-effective and boost brand awareness. They are high-impact and a low-cost way of getting your marketing message across to the masses. Even seasonal businesses such as snow removal and lawn services enjoy countless benefits from their vehicle signs.

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