Who are the Arboricultural Association?

You might never have heard of this organisation, but they are busy doing their bit for the health of plants and trees everywhere in the country. Their aims are to advance science of arboriculture for the benefit of the public. This includes sharing information on tree care and holding conferences for experts on best practise. Their website contains a wealth of information on companies and consultants who meet the highest standards of accreditation for tree care services and who are regularly assessed.

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During the year, the association stages a variety of training sessions and workshops on many different arboricultural themes, open to both members and non-members alike.

The Arboricultural Association has a variety of influences and are represented on numerous national bodies, such as the Arboricultural Liaison Group, The Forestry Commission, the European Arboricultural Council, the Highways Authority, the National Tree Safety Group, the Timber Industry Group and the Health and Safety Executive’s Forestry Advisory Group, among many others. It retains a strong working relationship with central government and consults on proposals for new or amended legislation that has an impact on trees.

The Association began life in 1964, when a group of forestry workers and government horticulturists were concerned over the fast erosion of many trees in the landscape. They grouped together and formed the AA (Arboricultural Association). At the time of forming, tree care standards were very poor.

Around the same time, another group formed from concerned tree surgeons who established the Association of British Tree Surgeons and Arborists (ABTSA). If you require the services of a tree professional, contact a Tree Surgeon Poole at https://kieranboylandtreeservices.com/

A decade later, the two organisations, with very similar goals and aims, forged into one organisational – the Arboricultural Association that we recognise today.

The AA has had considerable influence over issues such as support for the setting up of Tree Protection Orders and legislation covering areas assigned as Conservation Areas. They have also been successful in establishing leading educational courses in the fields of arboriculture and tree surgery.

High standards of conduct and workmanship have been established, alongside assessments for listing on their directory of tree care services across the UK. The association have also influenced the introduction of safer working practices and improvements in the standards of arborists’ equipment.

The AA continues to work hard for tree care everywhere and regularly liaises with and co-operates with other similar-minded organisations with the ultimate goal of improving our beautiful landscape for generations to come.

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