The best camera apps for Android

Thanks to the expansion of smartphones, today we are all little photographers, and weird is the day we do not take a picture or record a video with the camera of our smartphone. However, the quality of the photos we take depends on several factors: the camera of our smartphone, our knowledge and talent, and the applications we use to make the photographs.

Regarding the talent and the quality of the camera of our phone, it is what there is, unfortunately, we can do little about it. However, we can increase and improve our knowledge, while significantly improving the quality of our snapshots using some of the best camera applications for Android that we propose today.

The best camera apps for Android

Open camera

We start with  Open Camera, one of the best camera applications for Android today, and not only because it is completely free, but also, and more importantly, because it is open-source, so it does not stop improving by adding new functions and features.

With Open Camera, you have almost everything: white balance, ISO, facial detection system, various focus modes, activation by voice commands, automatic stabilization, orientation lock, and a very long etcetera.


With more than 350 million users of satisfied users, or at least that is what they say in the app’s tab,  Retrica is one of the most popular Android camera applications in the Play Store, and it is not for less. Its strong point is the filters, yes, because Retrica offers more than one hundred filters that you can apply in real-time so that you will see how your photo looks before taking it. In addition, you can create collages, gifs, videos and share them on your favorite social networks.


In the case of VSCO Cam, it does not stand out so much at the time of taking photos as in its subsequent editing work because it has countless adjustments to edit the photo and leave it just as we want: saturation, temperature, apply a wide variety of filters, add grain to the photograph and much more. Keep Reading best android lock screen

MX camera

Camera MX is another free option that you can not rule out because it includes a good handful of features that will help you take better photos with your smartphone: filters, effects, overlays, a countdown, zoom, one-touch focus, creating GIFs, rotating grid, balance adjustment, contrast, and other details, and you can even go back “traveling” three seconds to the past to choose the best photo you have taken.

A Better Camera

If you are looking for “a better camera,” possibly  A Better Camera is the answer, and not just by name, but because it is one of the most complete camera applications you will find. It has two versions, free and paid, but the free one will surprise you with white balance consumption, its color effects, its exposure setting, ISO, the countdown, the type of shot, its flash mode, the possibility to eliminate those elements that shave your photo, including people, panoramic photos up to 360º, sequence shooting, pre-shooting to capture the before taking your photo, and many more features.


And as far as payment camera applications are concerned,  ProShot is one of the most prominent. Among its main functions, we cannot forget that it allows automatic, semi-automatic and manual exposure setting, white balance, flash, aspect ratio, action mode, night mode, shutter speed, ISO, DSRL, zoom delay count, RAW and JPEG formats … I still?

Do not forget that the previous applications are hardly a minimum proposal of how many exist in the Play Store for Android, both paid and free. Of course, none of them will work miracles alone, but is one of the above your favorite or do you usually use any other to capture the world around you?

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