Metals and alloys: What you should know

Metals are known for their strength and durability. Unfortunately, the weight of metals can affect their performance. Weight can be an issue, especially for the construction industry. To overcome this problem, alloys are created – metals mixed together in order to achieve desired properties. When changing the shape, design or even placing small holes in the product without cracks, the manufacturing industry requires strong metals.

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These metals have different properties:


Aluminum’s softness limits its application but it is lightweight and non-corrosive making it highly useful for many applications.


This metal is soft and is used for conducting heat and electricity.


This shiny, dense metal is used to make coins and jewellery.


The most abundant metal in the world is iron. It is also found in the human body.


It is used to make sheet metal because it is resistant to corrosion and hard.


It is the least reactive element on earth. It is resistant to corrosive substances, making it perfect for dental work, medical uses and jewellery.


This metal, which is highly conductive, is used to make coins, jewellery, and tableware.


It is used as a coating for other metals. This metal is used a lot in the food industry.


Zinc in its natural form is very hard and brittle, which is why most of it is used as an alloy.

These metals each have unique characteristics. Combining these metals with other metals increases their productivity and applications. Combined with metal bonding glues, they are used in manufacturing to make cars and appliances. Alloys can be created using a non-metal. Generally, metal makes up 90% of an alloy.

These are some alloys that can be created using metals:


Steel is a carbon-iron alloy with a huge potential for manufacturing. It is used for shipbuilding, construction and tool-making amongst others.

Stainless steel

Its non-corrosive steel and chrome alloy makes it ideal for surgical applications. You’ll also find it used for making a Metal Meter Box. Find out more by visiting a site like

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It is a combination of copper and zinc. Due to its malleability, brass makes a great musical instrument.


It is made from copper and tin and is very durable. It is used to make coins, turbines, and springs as well as popular for ornaments and sculptures.

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