Really Deliver Results with new Techniques in Liposuction

Nothing says ‘cosmetic surgery’ quite like the term ‘liposuction’. It’s a word that’s been used since the 1970s and brings to mind a rather extreme cosmetic procedure – one many of us would rather not consider.

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However, patients seeking fat removal and body sculpting can be assured that liposuction can be a route to achieving this. It has a long history in cosmetic surgery, and providing that patients visit an experienced and reputable surgeon, they can be confident about achieving the desired results. For these reasons, modern alternatives which deliver comparable results with less discomfort and risk are always in development.

Modern-Day Techniques

Many people still have stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to be affected by diet or exercise, and one new technique patients can consider is VASER liposuction. VASER is a technique which is much less invasive that liposuction.

It can be performed under local anaesthetic in a surgeon’s office, such as at wimpoleaesthetics.co.uk who provide vaser liposuction in central London. The procedure only requires very tiny incisions to be made in the skin, through which a probe is inserted. This allows the surgeon to target the fat cells with ultrasound. The fat is then suctioned away, giving immediate results.

Other surgeries

Another operation some women choose to get, is breast implants which is actually adding material into your body. Luckily with companies using Silicone Moulds like the ones at links including www.meadex.co.uk/materials/silicone/ these implants can be made with ease, quality and in a timely manner.

The Pre-Surgery Diet

You may also find that, in order to maximize your results, your surgeon recommends a diet specifically designed to complement your surgery. A diet that is low in fat and sugar better prepares the body for surgery and aids recovery, as well as ensuring that the new contours of your body last longer.

Expected Results

Despite the reduced down-time and lower risk, the patient would be forgiven for thinking VASER is just another liposuction option. But this route is in many ways better than traditional liposuction.

With VASER, patients can expect the initial results of fat loss and sculpting to improve further for up to six months, as the body disposes of the fat cells disrupted by the ultrasound. It’s a procedure which also has skin-tightening properties and can be performed on more delicate areas, such as under the chin. In fact, VASER is fast becoming the preferred choice for fat removal for a large number of liposuction candidates. Whether it’s for the results, reduced recovery period or comfort, it’s an option worth considering. Keep reading sites like omegle.

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