Mattress covers: why are you needed and which one to choose?

Not everyone can see the difference between concepts such as a cover and a mattress topper. There are three categories of mattress accessories:

  • Cover;
  • Mattress topper;
  • Mattress pad.

It is important that the protective cover for the mattress completely covers it from all sides. Accordingly, the mattress topper and the mattress topper protect the top or bottom of the mattress. To preserve the orthopedic properties of the mattress, it is important to choose an appropriate base. The bases for orthopedic mattresses should be soft enough to maintain the spring properties of the mattress. And in order to sleep in a warm bed even in winter, choose a heated product.

Applicable materials

The mattress cover can be cotton or synthetic. There are other options to choose from:

  1. Jacquard is a mixed fabric. It is composed of cotton (80%) and synthetics (20%). This is the optimal combination. The material is extremely resistant to the influences of any nature.
  2. Calico and sateen are very popular as a protective cover. They protect against dust and stains and provide comfort in hot weather.
  3. Polyester is often used to make a mattress with a zipper. This synthetic fiber has excellent aesthetic qualities. But it causes the bed linen to slip, and the body “breathes” worse than on natural linen.
  4. For allergy sufferers, there is a special hypoallergenic mattress cover. This material is non-irritating. It is washed at high temperatures until bacteria are completely destroyed.
  5. For the elderly, as well as in cool conditions, a removable mattress cover made of natural wool will come in handy. In summer, the cover can be removed before the onset of a cold.
  6. Polycotton is another modern fabric for covers. Its disadvantage is a small amount of cotton in the composition, which reduces its breathability and hygroscopicity. But there are also advantages – high strength and resistance to shrinkage after washing, as well as the durability of bright colors. Read more: https://mattresstopperjudge.com/best-mattress-topper-for-hip-pain/

Varieties of mattress toppers by type of fixation

The presence of sidewalls

The sidewalls serve as the best fixation of the mattress topper.

They completely cover the mattress from the sides and ends and are designed for an average mattress height of 30 cm.

In the event of the formation of “excess” sidewalls, they can be easily tucked under the mattress and pulled there with a thin elastic band, which is sewn into the edge of the sidewall.

On elastic bands

With the help of an elastic band (textile rubber band), the mattress cover is fixed at the corners of the mattress.

The rubber bands prevent it from slipping.

A standard mattress topper with an elastic band 160 x 200 cm is more often on sale.Moreover, the elastic is designed for a mattress of medium height – 30 cm.

For a mattress with other parameters, you need to specially select a mattress topper.

In appearance, the sidewall coating wins. You can’t see the mattress from under it. And the elastic bands “give out” the presence of the mattress topper. Another disadvantage of this accessory is its stretch property.

What is a mattress pad?

To have an idea, you should touch on the features of this accessory.

The hygienic function of the mattress topper is that it protects the underside of the mattress from dust.

Dust accumulated on the floor under the bed can be easily removed with a damp cloth. If there is no mattress pad, it is difficult to solve the dust problem at the bottom of the mattress. Like the rest of the mattress products, the mattress topper is washable and dry cleaning.

How to choose a cover

Fixed option

This cover can be equipped with structural elements:

  1. Welt;
  2. Aerator;
  3. Inspection lightning;
  4. Carrying handle.

A sight zipper is used to inspect the mattress to verify the declared materials. It does not remove the cover.

Its disadvantage is the need to call the master from the dry cleaner when it gets dirty, and this is not cheap.

Removable product properties

The removable cover can get lost. It is not easy to remove it alone.

If it is made of jacquard fiber, then it is not recommended to wash it. Better dry cleaned.

You can wash other fabrics yourself. This is the advantage of the removable mattress cover.

In general, it is easier and more profitable to use a separate case.

A high-quality removable mattress cover is easy to put on and take off before washing or cleaning and after these procedures.

It saves time as an added benefit.

Zippered pouch

At its core, this is a real case, only with a zipper. It is designed in such a way that the mattress cannot be an independent item without it.

If you remove such a cover, you can find mattress layers or a protective thin layer. That is, it is an integral part of the mattress.

This product differs from the previous one in its “autonomy”. It can be removed and cleaned (washed). In addition to protective functions, mattress covers with zippers can be used as an interior decoration item in the bedroom.

They can be matched in color and structure in the same style as furniture, wallpaper, curtains. Zippers can be positioned along the sides on three sides. Requirements for such a cover:

  • Natural material;
  • Density;
  • Hygroscopicity;
  • Lightning reliability.

Impact on health

The demand for covers for orthopedic mattresses, for example, for polyurethane mattresses, is increasing. By influencing the orthopedic functions of the mattress, the cover can even enhance its effect.

This is what makes natural latex different. A useful function is performed by a mattress topper. It protects the mattress from excessive perforation of the mattress base by orthopedic slats.

Mattress toppers that can adjust the firmness of the mattress provide good health care. If you wish, you can choose this accessory so that it makes the mattress softer or harder.

There are also waterproof mattress toppers made of waterproof fabric to keep the mattress dry and clean. They are effective in cribs and as a sofa cover to protect against accidental spills. It is also convenient to use them in families with elderly people.

Many cover manufacturers use innovative modern materials with a high degree of hygiene and hypoallergenicity.

The main task of the cover is to ensure a long life of the mattress by protecting it from dirt and mechanical damage. The correct choice of the fabric of the mattress topper serves as a guarantee of additional comfort during sleep. The purchase of a mattress cover must be done after strict selection.

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