On the bike around Turkey.

There are many ways for getting out and about around Turkey and one of the best ways is to do it on two wheels. A cycling holiday of Turkey is great for those of us who are not exactly the sit on the beach types. However, you will need a base of operations before we tell you some of the best spots in the country and Holiday Villas in Kas certainly offer you that base in some considerable style. Follow the link then have a look at some of the highlights.

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  1. Cappadocia. To be perfectly honest once you see Cappadocia you’ll probably not want to cycle anywhere else in Turkey, which is a shame as there are some excellent other routes out there, as it offers one of the greatest cycling experiences in the world let alone the country. Cappadocia is like something out of this world, it has been compared to the surface of the Moon on more than one occasion, due to the its undulating dunes, weirdly eroded rock columns and extensive cave cities. Some places can only be accessed by bike and the Avanos to Mustafa Pasa offers riding at its ultimate thrill level.
  2. Antalya Coast. The area has a load of routes, some for the less fit and those not inclined to steep rises, around this popular tourist destination. There is a great combination of azure seascapes and rugged rocky coastline to enjoy.

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  1. Bozburun Peninsula. Keeping with the theme of the sea this part of the coastline, just down from Antalya, is a fantastic route for the beginner as there is a nice mixture of road and rough to keep you amused. Other good news is that the route around the Peninsula takes you through several small villages and towns where a taverna is sure to welcome you for a coffee or drink. There is also the prospect of discovering one of the numerous little beaches to see you through and motivate you. Many of them are far enough away from the main tourists sites so you might get one all to yourself.
  2. Hittite Path. Follow in the footsteps, albeit on a bike, of one of the most powerful and influential races of ancient people that ever were. You get to see some of the Turkey’s and the worlds important heritage sites as you ride through the places and paths of the ancient Hittite people some of the forebears of the people living in Turkey now.


Get your pedals ready and get cycling.

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