Tips on Decorating Your Indian Wedding Venue

It is important to consider the specific decorating requirements for your Indian wedding venue when planning. Here are some ideas for decorating your wedding venue:

  1. Select a theme. Indian weddings are often characterised by intricate, colourful patterns in clothing and decor. Choosing a theme to reflect this will make your event truly unique. Some ideas are traditional Indian prints, colours of the festival like orange and green or natural elements like trees or flowers.

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2. Include family members and friends in your wedding decoration. Invite them to add fabrics, buttons and beads to your wedding to make it truly personal. Everyone will enjoy themselves while creating an amazing event.

3. Use natural materials whenever possible. In India, beautiful murals are painted onto plaster with water-soluble paints. This effect can be easily achieved by painting simple designs onto cardboard or foam board and placing them on your venue’s walls. Use textiles like rugs and drapes with muted colours that complement the surroundings of your ceremony.

4. Lighting effects are important. Consider installing lighting fixtures that will create an air of magic and mystery (think flickering flames or twinkling stars). Try lighting votive candles of different colours to create an enchanting mood. For booking an Indian Wedding Photographer Birmingham, visit

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How to choose flowers for Indian wedding decor

It is important to take into account the culture and traditions associated with your wedding when choosing flowers for Indian wedding décor. In India, for example, flowers are often placed in the hairs of the bride and groom during wedding ceremonies. Choose flowers that complement this tradition. Many Indians also prefer light, airy flowers, so choose narcissus or daffodils. Choose flowering plants which will flourish in warm climates, such as lilies or roses.

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