How can a bookkeeper support your business?

Whilst it falls to the accountant to manage your finances and present them to your peers, HMRC, potential investors and the like, it is the bookkeeper who makes sure that everything coming in is correctly recorded and accounted for. They also do this for everything going out as well. Keeping the books on track is one of the most important roles the bookkeeper has. This is why you need the professional and competent services of a Bookkeeping Chippenham based firm like in place. What do they provide as bookkeepers?

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First and foremost they are the people responsible for sending out the invoices for the goods or services rendered. They also look at ensuring that the invoices to be paid are kept up to date as well so that you know what’s costing you.  These transactions, which usually happen on a working day basis are vital for the life blood of the company and its regulatory obligations.

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They also make sure that there is liquidity in the business and control its cash flow. When the time comes and the accountant wants to see the books so they can present them, the bookkeeper will have them all up to date and prepared to be submitted for scrutiny and presentation. The role of the bookkeeper is simple. They do the hard administration and organisation so that the accountant can focus on the fiscal and financial movement and growth of the business.

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