Other uses for a bespoke carport

If you’re thinking of investing in a carport, it’s an excellent option for protecting your vehicles. Installing an oak carport is a quicker, simpler and more affordable choice than building a garage or extension. Did you know that you can still have a carport even if it’s not for parking vehicles under? The beauty of carports is that they have multiple uses!

The perfect canopy for outdoor activities

Spending time outdoors can be a little hit and miss in the UK as the weather is often changeable and unpredictable. An oak frame carport can be used as shelter for any activities you want to engage in outside, whether it’s a family gathering or a convenient place to enjoy hobbies. They can be customised to cover things like hot tubs, a patio, a pool or some decking.

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A carport is ideal for providing shelter from the elements, be that rain or direct sunshine in the summer. Sides can be added to the structure for extra privacy. For a Bespoke Oak Carport, visit www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk

Great spot for outdoor entertaining

Love having friends, family or neighbours over for barbecues or parties? Perhaps you prefer more intimate dinner soirees with close friends? A great deal of effort goes into hosting a get together, so why worry about being washed out or the weather scuppering your plans? A carport provides the perfect space for enjoying the outdoors regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you. This way you can set up everything you need without the hassle of moving it all inside if the weather turns.


Perhaps you enjoy gardening but wish your plants had a bit more shelter from the elements? An oak frame structure can help to lengthen the gardening season, whether you wish to grow herbs, vegetables, flowers or succulents. If your garden has little in the way of shelter, this could be an inexpensive option for you to keep your gardening passion going for longer in the year.

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Animal shelters

Come rain or shine, a carport can provide much-needed relief for pets and animals, especially those kept outside. Barns are expensive to erect, so a carport can be a cost-effective way of providing that shelter for any animals, whether it’s cats, dogs, guinea pigs, goats or any other animals you care for. Keeping them out of the harsh summer sun, the autumn rain and the chill of winter, you can add sides to your carport to provide even more protection for your beloved pets.


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