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How to make a real estate marketing plan?

Those professionals dedicated to the real estate sector who have more success are precisely those who have a marketing plan that has been delineated and established in a perfect manner and that also comply with the letter. However, according to real estate expert, Ignacio Acosta Gorge, this is not an easy task. Since there are a series of steps that you must fully comply with in order to be a success. Which must also be aligned with the goals they are intended to meet in the short, medium and long term.

Determine to whom the plan is directed

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Although most agents think that creating a real estate marketing plan is an easy task. We regret to say that it is not as simple as most people think. And is that real estate experts are responsible for preparing a large number of studies previously. Which allow you to focus this plan to a general public. In any type of plan and just in this we can say that the planning is what you will lead to sure success. Which you must place in an almanac to carry them out in an orderly, progressive and of course planned way .

Let’s see then what is the way in which we can minimize the complication of realizing a real estate marketing plan without subtracting from it one of the productivity points.

The main thing then is to know to whom this plan will be directed, whether it is to local or foreign investors. If it is to wealthy clients who are interested in luxury homes and villas. If it is to investors seeking properties in areas near the coast, to the mountain or the big cities. It is very important then to emphasize that if you do not know who you are going to address your main message, that is. If you do not know what your target will be, then how will you know what kind of message you should offer them? Also, you will not know how to attract their attention.

How to make a real estate marketing plan?

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Now if your audience is very broad, that is, you want to sell real estate both to investors with high purchasing power. And to those who are not so wealthy you can consider the possibility of making 2 different plans. While if your options are similar or they can go hand in hand as for example to foreigners. But they are wealthy, there you can establish a single real estate marketing plan.

And is that when doing what we know as delimitation or segmentation of the public we want to reach is not just that we know what is your average age. Or if it is the majority of women or men or even couples who are interested in acquiring your real estate or those who request your help. But it will also be important that you know their tastes. That is, if they prefer a large house. A medium or a smaller one. That is to say what are their preference. And what it is that They are looking exactly at a property. This part is truly important and essential when starting the process of preparing a real estate marketing plan.

Unfortunately there are some agents, and even agencies in general that fall into the grave error of believing that they know their audience perfectly. However, remember that it will not always be the same clients who will go in search of your services. With which your real estate portal will appear in the first places of search engines and more people will enter.

One of the ways in which you can advise on this is through the use of the list of clients that you already have. Thanks to this you will have the option of making a kind of average user that requests your advice or that acquires real estate, based on the age. The place where they live. Their tastes and of course their purchasing power, based on it you will be then ready to start your real estate advertising actions to a previously established target. Then you will notice that in this way, your plan will achieve much more success.

Always take your competition into account

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Another fundamental point and that you should not leave aside if you want all the time, effort and money you have spent designing what your real estate plan will be, do not miss it, it is based on the time you spend during the production of this plan. marketing to check what your competition is doing to promote both the properties you have for sale and their services, not only you should look at what you are doing but how you do it, that is, in the means you use for it.

Such as: television, radio, the press, social networks, real estate blogs, among others. In this way it will be much easier then first of all to have a source of inspiration and of course that you include in your strategy a series of ideas that the rest of the companies are not carrying out. So in this way,Since the beginning of your campaign you have already won a very important point in your favor: originality.

Taking into account what the company is doing will be a point in your favor, since it will allow you to do new things and be original

Your plan must have specific objectives

This point refers precisely to what experts in the real estate sector have termed as “SMART objectives”, that is, intelligent objectives. These real estate objectives that you raise must then comply with a series of parameters so that the plan really goes as it should be and are the following.

First of all they must be realistic, this is exactly the basis of this project that you are going to carry out. Sit down with your work team and consider objectives that are possible to fulfill. It is important that objectives are established that are clear and unambiguous. As well as the time in which they intend to comply

It is also important that they are specific, being concrete is fundamental, do not leave anything to the imagination when considering the objectives. That each of them adequately relate what is wanted and how it is intended to achieve. In the same way according to recent real estate news. It is important that they are feasible, which has a lot to do with being realistic.  And last but not least important, they must be measurable and exposed in a given period of time

The fact of setting goals is practically a golden rule if we really want to meet a goal. Since the goal and goal will be the same. But also must not be ambiguous or too general, since first we will lose the interest we had for him and second because we simply will not achieve them.

You must plan actions to fulfill these purposes

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It is when the time has come to choose the calendar. And now to start what will be the planning of the actions you are going to carry out. Among which, the real estate advisory, Ignacio Acosta Gorge makes the following recommendations:

Since it is of great importance to have a presence in other countries. Especially to give meet with foreign customers. Who generally carry out very good purchases in Spain.

Another point of relevance is that you create a web profile which will allow you to carry out your actions in different social networks. That is, it is about having your own personal brand on the web. However before carrying out this step it is necessary to decide if you are going to show. Or not what your personality is, what kind of tone the messages that you send by this route will have. And if you will be close or not to the investors, both local and foreign .

There is also another step that should not be left aside.  And less so today that most users perform their searches through the web. Especially those that belong to another country. That is why Mr. Acosta , also recognized as the founder of the largest network of real estate portals in the world. Recommends the creation of your own where you can start writing articles for advice on the real estate sector. Which will allow you to become known as an expert in the subject through the contents that you publish there. And you can also embed them in your real estate website.

Here you must not let go of the importance of content marketing, that is, the planning of texts, videos, images and info graphics that are of interest to readers, that serve as advice.  And are at the same time creative. Most of today’s clients, before placing their trust in any special agent, first seek references on it, to know whether. Or not to trust him or her.  So it is important that you become a trusted expert.

Currently there are many platforms on the web where you can have a presence. So for that you must then choose in which social networks you will pretend to position your company. For example if you will on Instagram, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, among others .

Remember that each of them has a different objective and a different way of interacting with customers. So based on the specific objectives that you have previously set. You must define in which or in which of them you will have presence.

Once you have chosen the social networks that your company will have, it is necessary to keep them active. It is not just about creating an account on Facebook and that you never keep it updated. It is important that you also create a content plan for these social network.

In the same way in case you are the one who takes the reins of them. It is important that you also decide how often you will post their information. Our recommendation is that you first start with one and keep it updated and then join the rest.

If you really want your company dedicated to the real estate sector to be successful. It is necessary that you set a plan, in which you establish a series of objectives that you want to fulfill based on the public you want to reach. And of course it is equally important that you constitute a calendar.

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