Interior Design Tips for Park Homes

Park homes, also known as mobile homes, combine style and functionality, and there are many different ways to create a beautiful interior. Some of the features of park homes designers must work around include rectangular rooms, small spaces, low ceilings and multifunctional rooms. However, the results can be stunning. Below we give some tips on how to transform your park home.

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Decorating Suggestions

1. Use a pale wall colour throughout the home to create cohesiveness and open up the space.

2. Make your furniture work doubly hard – benches with storage, stools as tables.

3. Use spare space for storage.

4. Use glossy white paint to do the ceilings: the reflecting light will make them appear taller.

5. Mirrors make spaces appear larger and ceilings taller.

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6. Make the most of your home’s vertical space. Stacking washers and dryers takes up less room.

7. Focus on detail. In small areas, every small detail counts. Accents can pull a space together and quickly update a room.

8. Bring the living space outdoors – patios, decks and porches are ideal. Take advantage of them.

9. Control clutter. If it is manageable, there is less to clean or store. Aim to donate a unwanted item for every new one you bring into your home.

10. Use pattern and texture. Many designers favour this method, which can work wonders for your home.

11. Hang artwork higher up on the wall to make your ceilings look higher. Full-length curtains also work.

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12. Rectangular windows, also called transom windows, let in plenty of light into the bedroom while keeping a sense of privacy.

13. Use furniture on a moderate scale. You don’t want furniture to be too big or small, but don’t be afraid of having one or two functional large pieces.

14. Park homes are rectangular in shape, so put curvy and circular pieces around the home. This breaks up the straight lines.

15. Put together cosy, intimate seating areas.

16. Turn bookshelves into room dividers.

17. Forget about the advice, rules and tips. While you can consider them, at the end of the day it’s your space – put your stamp on it!

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