Small changes that can have a big impact

Updating your SEO strategy does not necessarily require that major changes need to be made; sometimes it is the littlest tweaks that can deliver the most significant results.

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So what tactics should you consider embracing if you want to see a marked improvement in your search rank without having to start from scratch?

Harness existing tools

Google is generous with its offering of free tools to webmasters which can help them improve their sites and climb up search engine results pages in one go. So leveraging the likes of Analytics and Search Console is advisable for sites of all sizes.

With the data that they unlock, you will be able to see which pages are performing well and which are letting the side down, helping you to focus your other SEO efforts more effectively.

If you are uncertain about how these tools can be used to their fullest, get in touch with a Cardiff Web Designer such as https://ambercouch.co.uk who can not only help with your website design and construction but can also help to ensure that it is fully optimised for SEO purposes.
Prioritise local impact

Local search is an excellent way for small businesses to compete against big brands, so gear your SEO efforts towards boosting your visibility in this arena.

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You can do this not only be adding relevant keywords that are location-specific to your site, but also by registering with third-party directory services that list local business information. This will provide you with quality inbound links, although problematic link building practices should still be avoided due to Google’s latest updates.

Check title tags & descriptions

The meta title of each page on your site may not seem all that important in the scheme of the expansive SEO spectrum, but it can hurt or improve your rank more than you might imagine.

A well-optimised tag will feature both the name of your business or brand and the keyword you are targeting for a particular page, all tied up in a way that will prove interesting and relevant to search users. Remember that this can be difficult to achieve with the limited character count available, but this is certainly something that you should endeavour not to overlook.

The same care and attention should be applied to writing meta description, with value propositions and call to actions generally sensible to include here.

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