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How to wear a black denim jacket in 7 easy ways

I thought of 8 different ways to create outfits with a men’s black denim jacket

1. With chino pants

Chino trousers, for history and for their aesthetic power in combination with a denim jacket, especially if in a color in contrast with the navy/blue of the jacket, will create a truly magnetic glance. The style is similar to wearing a plain blue shirt as a layer for your regular t-shirt.

In the common imagination, one might well think that the denim jacket fits perfectly with its counterpart of denim trousers: nothing could be more wrong.

The overlapping of materials or the effect of the garment between jacket and trousers will create a too overbearing chromatic consonance, which immediately catches the eye, let’s say suddenly like a Mike Tyson jab.

2. With a pair of black jeans

With a pair of jeans or black pants to match your denim jacket you really can’t go wrong.

In fact, rather than letting yourself go to daring and dangerous outfits, from a colorimetric point of view, you can play it safe and play the black jeans card, which as you well know slims and smoothes your silhouette.

Especially, if you have nimble and athletic legs, a pair of slim-fit black jeans that fit your lines would really be a style godsend.

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3. With a simple white T-Shirt

Nothing could be simpler and nothing more concrete than using light and a breathable white T-Shirt under your denim jacket as a basic layer for your outfit.

Here, too, you can choose from countless models, those with a high crew neck, those with sleeves to which you can make cuffs, and finally the one with a V- neck, usually with reduced volume that fits snugly to the body.

White, as in the case of black jeans, is a neutral color, which combines well with a denim jacket, and gives you a refined look, but without falling into too much rhetoric.

4. With a turtleneck

In the colder months, one of the difficulties for every man is to dress appropriately for the season, to feel warm and protected, but at the same time to show off a distinctive and elegant outfit.

And there is nothing more elegant, masculine, and ladylike than a nice men’s turtleneck, the essence of good taste and chic, especially if it is monochromatic and plays in contrast with the colors of the trousers or jeans chosen.

A turtleneck white or black is the choice to be preferred if it is to place the same in a matching outfit context with the jacket of jeans from man.

Even the hue of the jacket should not be underestimated, whether it is a faded blue or an indigo that recalls the vintage effect, you must always evaluate the style of the combinations as a whole and never as a set of overlapping colors.

In theory, for the rule of overlapping layers in clothing, the lightest and thinnest objects are those that must remain close to the body, while the heavier and more bulky layers, such as the denim jacket, outwards.

5. With a sweatshirt

Who doesn’t love sweatshirts, huge, endless, large, and above all warm and versatile, in which you can put the most disparate things: lighters, cigarettes, filters and maps, wallets, smartphones, a bit of everything in short.

And what about giving streetwear and casual touch to your style, breaking the roughness of the denim jacket with a nice sweatshirt, perhaps peach-colored, to elevate these well-chosen and modern combinations to urban.

Don’t overdo it when it comes to putting these two different pieces of clothing together, as it’s easy to resemble human-sized postmen, with a square and clumsy shape. And we don’t want that.

6. With joggers

If you don’t know what joggers are, don’t worry, they are nothing more than very simple sweatpants, the complementary part of the sweatshirt with a relaxed and shawl look.

You are surely wondering what sporty and practical joggers do with a men’s denim jacket, more suitable for a sandwich at a fast-food on Thursday night after work.

Well, there are many similarities, the first is characteristic, in fact, the jacket contrasts and thickens the softness and slowness of the joggers, creating a surprisingly successful stylistic antinomy.

7. With tailored trousers

The tailored trousers are a model of pants made of measurement, embracing your lines, making them soft and pliable, rather than broad, woody and rigid, hand-made and therefore measure.

Mostly this type of tailored trousers is better combined with dark denim jackets, preferably black, to preserve certain sobriety and moderation overall.

Even the stitching and details of a certain level make the difference nell’outfit overall, as a general advice, I would tell you to tack on denim jackets that do not are washed out and cloudy, not to weigh everything.

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