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Velvet dress for winter 2021

The revival of the 90s means that velvet garments are back. Velvet is an elegant fabric, ideal for evenings, but it also adapts well to casual looks. In this article, we will help you discover how to use velvet for any occasion. We also leave you some tips on how to maintain and clean velvet clothing.

Velvet evening looks

Velvet is an excellent fabric for an elegant evening. Even a simple velvet garment looks more expensive due to the soft, shiny fabric.

Short velvet dresses

Velvet dresses, whether long sleeves or sleeveless, are ideal for going out on winter nights, be it a cocktail party or going out to dance with friends.

Long Velvet Dresses

Long velvet dresses are very elegant and glamorous, so if you have a gala party in winter do not hesitate to choose this texture.

Velvet top

You can combine a velvet top for an evening outfit with dark jeans or imitation leather pants.

Formal looks with velvet

Velvet blazer

A velvet blazer is the easiest way to wear velvet in the office as it instantly adds glamor and pairs well with traditional office wear.

Velvet pants

The velvet pants are usually made of either a style professional enough, so you can use them absolutely at work. Pair them with a simple blouse.

Velvet skirt

A velvet skirt is a classic option for business wear. Wear them with opaque tights and a button-down shirt.

Looks for the velvet day

One of the fun ways to wear velvet is to pair it with hyper-casual items. You can wear a velvet blouse with a pair of distressed jeans or a velvet skirt with sneakers.

Wear a velvet jacket over a simple T-shirt and boyfriend jeans set, and turn something super casual into classy and a touch more elegant.

In general, pair your velvet clothes with fabrics like denim, wool, and cotton for a more casual feel.

How to clean velvet clothes

Velvet is a very delicate fabric. Many velvet garments are labeled for dry cleaning only, in which case you should follow the instructions on the label and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

In other cases, especially with polyester velvet or in cases where it is only a small stain, you may be able to do the cleaning yourself at home.

Resist the urge to clean the moment it gets dirty; I just shook the garment. Once the stain is dry, mix a small amount of mild detergent in a bowl of water.

Then run a toothbrush very gently against the velvet. Let it sit for a few minutes and use a clean, dry cloth to clean.

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