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Many homeowners are deciding to install a garden room for a variety of different reasons. Garden rooms can be used for home offices, an annexe for guest accommodation or just an additional space from the rest of the house for peace and relaxation. They are a cost-effective means to have that extra space that so many homeowners crave, particularly for those with no spare room or moving or an extension are not an option.

So, whether you need a workshop, art studio, gaming room, teen hangout, guest bedroom or quiet home office, a garden room can be a perfect solution.

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The need for maximising space is making homeowners look at their garden areas in a new light. The conventional idea of only enjoying outdoor space in the summer is beginning to change, with people wanting to convert this area into living space without the mess and effort of building work. There is also an increasing trend for garden rooms to be a space that can used all year round as opposed to something that only enjoys occasional use. For Construction Companies In Hertfordshire, visit a site like https://www.ashmereconstruction.co.uk/

A garden room can be a good choice for those with elderly parents who want them close and to retain a level of independence but also want them close by for help and support when they need it. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for older children to get onto the property ladder and a garden room can be a great place for kids returning from college or those waiting and saving for a deposit for their own place.

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A recent trend is also for garden rooms to become bigger. Such is their popularity that now homeowners are choosing to install bigger rooms for important purposes like spare rooms, annexes, home offices and workshops. However, a garden room doesn’t need to be used for much-needed additional living space but also it also makes a great place for entertaining. An increasingly popular option is for a covered terrace complete with dining-kitchen area for outdoor entertaining that can be used all year round, not just in the summer months.

There are several options for the structure, which could be a basic wooden set up or a more complex eco-home with insulation, energy efficient doors and windows, plumbing, electrics and underfloor heating systems. A garden room can be a variety of sizes or materials – such as glass, steel frames, insulated panels or timber.

With modular timber systems, much of the construction work occurs off-site which means little disruption for the homeowner. For the design, there are bespoke services available or off-the-shelf options. Things that homeowners should consider include the size, the direction any glass will face, number of windows, access, heating and of course, purpose.

Also consider how future use might change. Will you perhaps need an internet connection or monitors at any point? Might a bathroom be required at some time in the future? It also needs to set up to be usable all year round, so think about heating areas and power outlet locations.




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