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Can cats eat raw chicken or is it bad for them?

When it comes to the controversy surrounding feline nutrition, one of the most controversial issues is whether raw chicken should be fed to cats.

Nutritionists, veterinarians, and cat owners around the world cannot seem to reach a consensus. People are either totally on board with the idea of ​​feeding their cat raw chicken or completely against it.

The truth is those feline teeth are made for grinding raw meat. Feline creatures are different from humans in many ways. Your cat’s entire body is built around the idea of ​​feeding on raw meat that the cat has found or trapped in the open. Be it chicken, fish, rodent, bird, or otherwise – your pet’s body is fully adapted to cope with raw food.

As humans, we have been taught that eating raw foods like fruits and vegetables is good for us. But eating raw meat is not healthy. It leads to poisoning, indigestion, various diseases, and so on. However, we are not felines. And just because raw meat is bad for us, it doesn’t mean it’s bad for cats.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

If you can!

Cats can easily rip through tough, raw meat, fat, and muscle tissue. They can even tear bones. Those sharp teeth are the teeth of a carnivore and as such can stand up to raw chicken meat as long as proper oral health is maintained.

What’s more, the feline digestive system can safely switch to a raw diet, even if you’ve been feeding your indoor cat specialized cat food up to this point.

So technically, cats can eat raw chicken meat. But is it safe and more nutritious for them? Well, that’s another question.

Is raw chicken safe for cats to eat?Can cats eat raw chicken

Although the feline body can digest raw meat, there are a few factors that pose a threat:

Bacteria. Raw products of all kinds can become a potential playground for different types of bacteria. When it comes to raw chicken, the bacteria grow in the outermost layers. Although it is really harmful, you can safely wash off the bacteria and feed your cat raw meat. If the meat is fresh and comes from disease-free animals, getting rid of the nasty microorganisms will not be a problem.

Mince. Ground or minced meat should be off-limits for cats if you buy it from the store. During the grinding process, bacteria from the outermost layers will sink into every other piece. Plus, the ground meats from your local grocery store have probably been sitting there for days. This means that the bacteria have had even more time to sink deeper into each ounce of the meat. Or in other words, prepackaged ground chicken mince in its raw form is not safe.

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Bones. Raw boneless chicken is suitable for a feline’s daily diet. However, if the meat has not been properly cleaned, your cat could swallow small pieces of bone. These pieces can easily cause damage to internal organs and therefore pose a deadly threat.

So now you see why so many people think feeding your cat raw chicken is a bad idea. But on the bright side, there are a few tips and tricks, which can ensure your pet’s safety.

How Much Raw Chicken Can Cats Eat?Can cats eat raw chicken

This is what you can focus on if you want to safely feed raw chicken to your precious hairball.

Finely ground bones. Gently grind raw chicken bones to a powdery consistency. They are full of essential calcium and will pose no threat as long as there are no pieces of solid bone.

Lean muscle meat. This is the most vital part of the chicken that your kitty requires. Rich in taurine and other amino acids, pure animal protein, and various minerals, Raw Muscle Chicken is your most nutritious choice. Believe me, your pet’s body is made to thrive on raw meat, it is the natural source of nutrition for all felines.

Giblets are healthy too. If your cat were out in the wild, he would be eating raw chicken giblets. Organs are packed with moisture, healthy fats, and tons of different textures. In addition to providing all these health benefits, they are also perfectly safe – if fresh and from a healthy chicken.

Introducing a raw diet to your feline pet can be done safely and has numerous benefits. Not only will it give your cat a great nutritional boost, but it will also help him recreate his natural and wild diet.

And the best part is that you can feed your cat raw chicken on a full diet or just as part of a rotation diet. Just make sure you’re not getting pre-packaged, processed ground beef or antibiotic-induced “fresh” meat.

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