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How to heat pool water

We have the habit of always associating swimming pools with the summer heat. That time of the year when we put the chlorine filter to work and dedicate ourselves to sunbathing and floating in the crystal clear water. However, people who have or have a pool 365 days a year often end up wondering if there isn’t a way to take advantage of the pool for longer. The truth is that many times the weather is not good, but if we are able to temper the water and make it warm, our pool can become a real spa at home.

In order to solve this issue, in this article we are going to review all the ways you can use to find out how to heat the pool water. From the most sophisticated and expensive methods to simple and functional tools. The important thing is that despite the bad weather, your pool is your best ally at home.

Electric heater

One of the easiest ways to keep your pool warm all year round is by using an electric heater. This device is quite common and easy to obtain and its installation consists of occupying it in the same place as the chlorine filter that all swimming pools have. Through electrical resistance, the titanium heats the water that is in contact and maintains an adjustable and constant temperature. In addition, it is usually a device for pools of up to 68 m³ above ground, although it all depends on the geographical location.

Heat exchanger

The dynamics of this device are a little different from the electric heater, but it usually has the same or better results, since it is directly connected to the boiler and the water network of your entire house. The price is quite reasonable and the results can be felt almost automatically. The installation is instead carried out directly in the boiler of your house and ensures that the water destined to supply the pool is constantly at the temperature that you choose. Of course, before considering this idea, you must make sure of two things; On the one hand, that your boiler can withstand this type of heater and, on the other, that your pool is close to the boiler at home, otherwise you will be investing money in hot water that will be warm.

Heat pump

Heat pumps are another of the most common solutions to be able to heat the pool since it has a fairly high profitability that is worth testing. In the first instance, the outlay will be high, since they are expensive devices that must be valued. However, the fact that it is an instrument that is connected to the electrical network means that this capital can be amortized immediately. The operation consists of a constant flow of heat through the electrical network that will pass to the pool, meaning that in less than two days you will have the water in your pool hot and ready to use,

Solar heater

If you want to bet on renewable and ecological energy and, in addition, to be able to make sure you have hot water during the autumn and spring, one of the best solutions is solar panels. This type of device to heat the water in your pool is usually installed on an exterior surface near the pool and connected to the filters and pipes of the pool. The dynamics are very simple and functional; the device causes the pool water to be pumped continuously towards the solar panel, heating the water thanks to the energy of the sun and returning it hot. It is a very useful, cheap, and functional instrument since it does not depend on resources such as electricity or gas, but on solar energy. However, it is an instrument that usually has very low functionality between October and April, since there is not enough time for light and solar projection.

Bubble blanket

Finally, we have a way to heat the water that comes out of the most convenient ways but has almost immediate results. It is about the bubble blanket, some tarpaulins that literally cover the entire surface of the pool and, through multiple small holes, release bubbles of heat that in a short time temper all the water in the pool. It is a fairly simple and cheap resource since it is not connected to electricity, but to a solar energy system that works throughout the day.. The only drawback is that, while this blanket is being used, no one can be bathing, since the pool must be completely covered by the mesh for it to work. However, if what you want is to be able to take a bath in the middle of October, there is a no faster and cheaper solution on the market.

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