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Set Up Living Room Theaters in Your House With Unique Ideas

We know: we can not all have a living room theater, but raise your hand who does not like to have him in this space so exceptional and desired. It’s like dressing rooms, although we know we can’t have one, we love seeing them. Well, today, we put on our boots and show you movie theaters at home. Although you indeed need a space exclusively dedicated to it, we show you different formulas so you can make this dream come true. Take note, who knows … you will need them one day.

How to set up living room theaters?

To have a home theater, the space to be used must be between 25 and 30 square meters. However, not everyone wants to have a true exhibition environment but a space at home that manages to wrap you in that atmosphere, regardless of the size required.

What will determine the quality of the experience? It is the distance between the television and the place where the person will be sitting. The greater the distance, the larger the TV size should be.

Architectural needs of space

The use of rugs on the floor and even on the walls means that the sound does not spread to other spaces, thus avoiding quality loss.

Image and audio experts recommend the use of plaster on the ceiling and wooden furniture to improve resonance. If possible, try using double walls with air columns between them.

If it is impossible to apply plaster or change some architecture of your house, you can buy special carpets for the walls. These prevent the exterior and interior sounds from mixing.

In addition, you have to pay close attention to lighting care. This must be direct and adjustable, mainly in environments that use flat screens or that are in closed environments.

 Living room theaters

Comfortable furniture

Remember that movies usually last between an hour and a half and two and a half hours. Therefore, having comfortable furniture should not be an option, but the indispensable requirement. Your movie theater should be equipped with high back sofas that provide good head support.

When choosing furniture, remember that synthetic fabrics are not suitable for not having a good absorption of sound waves. Furthermore, they do not offer the same comfort as cotton. It is also advisable to have a small table that puts at hand the different drinks and snacks that you want.

Essential electronics

Decoration and seating are of great importance in the home theater, but the real experience is given by technology. For a real experience you need:

Portable projector or television of the inches you prefer. If you have the possibility of both, much better. A home theater that guarantees good audio helps you get into the movie. These teams usually have five speakers that you can place in the strategic points of the room.

In addition to all these elements, you need a good collection of DVDs, a Blue-Ray, a console, a PC or subscribe to a company that trades series and movies for a flat monthly fee.

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The right colors

To have a perfect home theater room use dark colors such as black, red, navy or green so that it does not bounce in the light of the environment and interferes with the image. Gray tones are usually the most used.

The use of curtains of dark and heavy fabrics are an excellent idea to reduce the incidence of light in the home theater.

Live the full experience from home

It is clear that having the experience of a home theater is possible. You may need to make some changes and allocate a specific room in your home, but you will not regret the result. Try to start with the basics and gradually add the necessary elements.

Theater-style movie theaters

Let’s start with the most conventional (but no less ideal): spaces arranged like a theater or VIP cinema, with large and comfortable chairs, placed in a staggered way to ensure complete visibility. Ideally, place them in a semicircle, as a forum. The lighting and acoustics are also basic points to get the perfect space. Remember that modern multi-room and Wi-Fi speaker systems allow you to obtain a clear sound from any corner of the room.

The super widescreen

It could not be otherwise: you have to install a mega wide screen that ensures good viewing of images from any angle. In many cases, it can be a television screen of many inches, but in other spaces, larger, it may be necessary a screen and projection device, which is raised and hidden when not in use.

movie theaters relax

The movie theaters relax

In addition to the above, we can still add a plus to our ideal movie theater: create a space for rest and body well-being, with a good battery of relaxing chairs, which alternate recliners and massage chairs. Thus, while watching the movie, you can tone the muscles and circulation. If you’re so relaxed afterward that you can’t get up, there are also lift chairs, which lift you from the seat effortlessly.

Chillout spaces to watch TV lying

If your thing is to watch TV lying on the floor instead of in a relaxing chair, you can combine both systems, or even design your own “bed.” For this style of the room, cushions, poufs, mattresses and cushions of all sizes will have a special section within the decoration.

Distribution of sofas in the cinema space

In the case of sofas, we recommend an L-shaped or U -shaped distribution. For not very large spaces, sofas finished in chaise-longue are optimal. In larger spaces, you can opt for a U-distribution, with auxiliary poufs and footrests that extend the seating area.

Movie theater for hobbies

The dream of the football fans or geeks of the series and trilogies is to have space where they give free rein to their enthusiasm. Here not only comfort counts but also decoration, which has to be adhoc to the hobby. And of course, do not miss a bar, to satisfy so much soccer passion.

Multipurpose spaces

The attics and basements or basements of the houses are usually especially predestined to social living rooms for family and friends. This idea is not new: there have been a lot of things that include a kitchen and a large dining table. Our proposal for the home family room goes a little further: it is almost like an apartment inside the house, independent, with its living room and cinema, kitchen or bar and bathroom. And if you have a pool table or a football table, better than better. Well, the dream is already seen … now you just have to fulfill it.

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