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7 Non-Alcoholic Methods to Use Wine Racks Around the House 

Wine racks are an indispensable piece of décor and furniture for any wine enthusiast’s home. Whether adding to your present collection or just getting started with wine, a wine rack can save the day by providing a haven for your bottles and glasses.

If you enjoy a glass of chardonnay with supper as much as any other individual but occasionally find yourself wondering if there’s anything else you may do using your wine racks, the response is a resounding yes! Definitely!

This post walks you through multiple practical and low-effort options to transform an existing wine rack into a unique storage area or ornamental element. The silver lining is that if you have merlot to dispose of, you must drink it! Win-win!

1)  Towel Rack

Wine racks are ideal for keeping rolled-up towels since they hold circular items. They’re excellent to spice up that area if it’s well-built and matches your restroom décor plan. You may use it to organise your bathroom, with sections for small towels, bathing towels, and possibly a book or two.

You still can fit this into your wardrobe if it’s worn out and breaking apart, so individuals can pick their towel rather than grabbing the one at the head of the rack.

2)  Wrapping Paper Table

Indeed, most of you have your wrapping products tucked away in a drawer or jammed into a large plastic bag that has gone missing for good. You can make a ready-to-go packing booth out of old wine racks, complete with ribbons, papers, bows, and possibly some name stickers, so you recall who you’re presenting the gift to.

3)  Shoe Rack

You can use a wine rack to store shoes in a cute, creative, and space-saving manner. And perhaps a bottle or two of champagne when the shoe buying is done.

Based on the size of your footwear, wine racks are a terrific method to arrange them and keep them away from the floor, where you might accidentally kick them into a dusty dungeon. This will not work with large bulky shoes, but it will work if you have a bunch of flip-flops that are constantly getting jumbled up.

4)  Jewellery Preservation

The majority of wine racks have a horizontal axis for holding bottles. Vertical wine racks can be an interesting way of showing off and preserving your jewels. This is also a terrific method to organise it so you can quickly find your favourite pendant without having to hunt through a jewellery box.

5)  Yarn or Wool Storage

Since a full-size yarn skein is slightly larger than a wine bottle, choose a rack that is crafted for display with more vacant space. Skeins are broader than bottles of wine, but they’re also lighter. This contributes to storage stability.

6)  Exhibiting Succulents

Succulents look wonderful on wine racks that are angled. Since these little plants are unlikely to grow large and take little care, creating a web of succulents that you water regularly can add a splash of colour to your house. Another advantage is that you only require one large drip plan to accommodate all the pots.

7)  Equipment Storage

Nothing aggravates a residential handyperson than rummaging through multiple toolkits for the correct wrench size. Utilising wine racks enables you to put equipment where you require it, but it also allows you to sort screws and nails into containers and keep them ready.

Wine racks can be made from various materials and are available in many shapes and structures. This makes them perfect for refurbishing for different storage and exhibition purposes.

This post has only gone over a few possibilities, but it’s only a starting point for your creativity!

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