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How to attract people to procurement

Recent studies show that the number advertised for procurement and supply-chain roles increases by 22 percent each year. This shows a high demand for talent within the industry.

It is important that organisations find ways to attract and retain the best employees, as more people are considering a career in procurement.

Your company’s position within your industry can play a major role in whether or not a candidate decides to apply.

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Candidates will be impressed by your extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. You must explain your company’s influence within your industry by highlighting your key achievements. For a procurement recruitment agency, visit Talent Drive.

Offer an attractive salary

You need to pay a competitive salary to attract the best talent. You should look at similar businesses and see if you can match their wage.

Chances are, if an employee has to choose between you and another employer who offers a higher salary, they’ll go for the one with the better pay. If you are unable to match the salaries of your competitors, consider offering benefits and rewards for your employees.

Provide training and support required to succeed

Think about what kind of training or support can be offered to encourage the professional growth of your employees. Contact a procurement recruitment agency for advice.

Serious career-minded people will actively look for opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills. Employers that can’t afford to pay a competitive salary may still be able to attract high-calibre talent by emphasising the importance of their training and support.

Keep up with industry trends

Are you a company that is attempting to digitalise the way your employees work? Technology is constantly changing in the procurement and supply-chain industry. You need to be aware of the changes that are occurring in the industry due to new software and development. This will help you to retain the best employees.

Businesses can streamline their operational processes with the latest E-procurement tools. You can show your staff and future candidates that you’re up to date with technology by using the latest tools.

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Explain the skills required

It’s important to understand your role before you advertise a job.

You will be able to attract relevant procurement staff if you fully articulate the skills and capabilities you are looking for.

Building strong relationships with other departments

Every department of the company is involved in procurement. To work efficiently, it is important that your procurement department has strong relationships with the other members of your organisation.

Demonstrate how departments work together, and the importance of procurement within your organisation. This will show prospective candidates how serious you are about procurement.

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