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Features to Consider When Buying a Ride On Floor Scraper

A clean and hygienic space is a prerequisite for any business. Most people in the business of floor removal know the value and importance of a ride on floor scraper. It is deemed a clever piece of machinery that has revolutionized commercial and industrial floor removal. It ensures smooth and precise removal and prepares the floor for resurfacing.

The machine is equipped to remove various materials ranging from carpets, hardwood floors, and elastomeric coatings. There is barely any physical labour required in the process, which leads to quicker job completion, leading to lesser hours, both economical and efficient for projects.

Features That are Important for a Ride on Floor Scraper

Multiple parts are required for a good floor scraper. These various elements work in harmony to produce the most optimal equipment for floor removal. Out of the different variants in the market, the battery-powered models are the most famous. Discussed below are some of the key features.


The weight of the machinery plays a crucial role in its efficiency. Massive force is required to take up material during floor removal. When the machine is heavier, there is increased downward pressure. That makes the removal of material more manageable.

Speed and Torque

Both speed and torque play a crucial role in the production rates of floor removers. These two characteristics complement the weight of the machine. They work synchronously to create the perfect machine. Under the lack of sufficient weight and torque, speed plays no role. It will lead to either over the top grazing or improper cutting, which will lead to a waste of time.

Another aspect that needs to be looked at is variable speed. This feature is necessary for efficiency in different floor materials. Ceramic tiles require more power when being removed when compared to VCT. Variable speed option allows you to increase or decrease the power based on the situation leading to an ideal combination for different types of flooring.

Battery Power

Draining the battery too quickly is a common concern for power. The fundamental feature that matters is the amount of work that the machinery can get done on a single charge. In addition to the battery power, it is essential to analyze the machine’s efficiency in the given time.

In some instances, machines with 6 hours of battery power can remove material 50% faster than machines with 12 hours of battery power. That would result in reduced working time, reduced labour cost, and efficient job completion.

Various Power Sources for the Ride On Floor Scraper

They have four familiar power sources.

  • Propane
  • Electric
  • Battery
  • Diesel/gas

With respect to the impact of weight, neither one is better than the other. They vary in how suitable they are for the task at hand.

However, it is beneficial to note that the battery-powered floor scrapers combine the best electric and diesel/gas/propane powered variants. They are powered by clean energy and are not dependent on a tethered power source.

Wrapping Up

Ride on floor scrapers are machines that possess the ability to increase your profits multifold. Studying and comparing the various feature differences between devices is imperative to make a careful and calculated choice.

Weight, Speed, Torque and Battery power are critical elements to consider before purchasing a floor scraper. However, careful attention must also be paid to the product warranty, pricing, manufacturer, and accessibility of the machine before buying.

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