See the six best kept glowing skin secrets

We show you some Korean beauty glowing skin secrets that will help you achieve an unbeatable looking face.

What do Korean to achieve such a perfect complexion? In the West, skincare is something that has recently gained much more important but is still in the background. It is a task that is done only at the end of the day and in a hurry.

For Koreans, rather than a cleaning routine, it is a health ritual, they prefer to invest time in preventing imperfections and wrinkles, instead of counteracting them when it is too late. Having healthy and shiny skin is a priority that becomes a lifestyle, where food is as important as the products used.

Here we tell you some of the glowing skin secrets that you can apply in your daily skincare routine.


The first, and most important, when looking for perfect skin is to remove all the dirt that can accumulate in it. The cleaning must consist of three steps if you want to ensure that you have removed all impurities. According to Charlotte Cho, a famous writer specializing in beauty products, the secret is to first use makeup remover wipes that help removes the first layer, and then use two different cleansers to ensure that the process was done correctly (in case wear makeup).

glowing skin secrets

Then use oil cleaners, which clean more deeply. Cho believes that oils are gentle with sensitive skin and also do not dehydrate. Naturals such as castor or coconut work perfectly.

The third step is to remove the excess oil, so it is recommended to use water-based or gel-based cleaners that can eliminate any remaining contamination or sweat.

At the end of cleaning it is recommended to use a tonic as part of the routine, both at night and in the morning, to help the skin absorb the moisturizer.

If no makeup is used it is recommended to do a two-step cleaning, omitting the make-up towels.

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It is not a step that is recommended for every day, it depends on the type of skin of each person. In general terms, it is recommended to do it about 3 times a week so that the creams are better absorbed and the skin can retain hydration. It is one of the best kept glowing skin secrets.

Exfoliation is also important because it stimulates the production of collagen, improves circulation and reduces expression lines. Remember that it is also important to exfoliate the body, and for this. You will find many products or you can make some homemade scrubs that will work perfectly.

For example, using sugar with some oil, or mixing coffee with a moisturizer for the whole body, which in addition to combating cellulite eliminates all the perspiration and smog that the skin absorbs throughout the day.


When we talk about skincare, perhaps the most important step for many is hydration, and quite rightly. According to Cho, a moisturized and firm skin is the most coveted attribute in Korea. A feature that has gradually become more popular in the West, where a matte complexion previously prevailed.

This happens because many people believe that a hydrated look is the same as a greasy appearance. But the truth is that if the skin stays hydrated it does not have to produce extra fat since the PH will be balanced.

In the market there are many options for all skin types, from concentrated oils to light creams. It will depend on you and the benefits you look for in the product.


Although it is not part of the typical beauty routine, it is vital for Koreans to make masks and apply essences to maintain firm and hydrated skin. This step is very important as it uses formulas that go beyond the traditional, which helps to have an ideal tone and texture.

Now you can find many mask options on the market, many Korean brands. And products have revolutionized the market with disposable masks of all kinds of colors, shapes, and benefits. They are very easy to use and with this method, all nutrients are enclosed and “forced” to penetrate the skin.

Facial massages

It is no longer necessary to go to the spa in search of a miraculous massage. Cho’s recommendation is that this becomes part of our routine. Since through the massages all the benefits are stimulated and better circulation is achieved. It is one of the best kept glowing skin secrets.

In youtube, there are many examples of massages and artifacts that help in this process. To begin remember that you should always apply the cream to small touches all over your face. And neck as if you were typing on the keyboard.

Solar protection

Although this is a tip that is repeated to satiety. It is vital that the skin is protected from sun damage. Since this in addition to staining it, accelerates the aging process and deteriorates all layers of the skin. Use a minimum factor 30 protector, and if possible apply 3 times a day.

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