How Long Do Jaxxon Chains Last?

If you’re in the market for a new necklace or bracelet, you may have come across the popular jewelry brand Jaxxon. Known for their stainless steel chains and pendants, Jaxxon has become a go-to for affordable, durable accessory options.

But with so many chain options out there, how do you know if Jaxxon is worth investing in? More specifically, how long will a Jaxxon chain really last?

I did some digging into the details of Jaxxon’s chains, from their materials to average wear and tear. Here’s what I found out about how long you can expect your Jaxxon chains to last.

An Overview of Jaxxon Chains

An Overview of Jaxxon Chains

First, let’s look at what sets Jaxxon chains apart:

  • Stainless Steel Construction – Jaxxon uses surgical-grade 304 stainless steel for their chains. This is the highest quality stainless steel available. It’s anti-tarnish and won’t turn your neck green.
  • Variety of Styles – From Singapore chains to box chains and more, Jaxxon offers classic and trendy chain styles. Their most popular is the classic Figaro chain.
  • Width Options – Chain widths range from 2mm to 8mm. The wider the chain, the more durable it will be.
  • Lengths – Standard lengths are 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”. Custom lengths are available too.
  • Pendants – Jaxxon sells chains alone or bundled with pendants. Most pendants are stainless steel as well.

Now that we know what Jaxxon chains are made of, let’s look at how long they last. Jaxxon takes pride in crafting durable and high-quality pieces that can withstand the test of time. Many customers find their Jaxxon chains to be long-lasting and resistant to tarnishing. If you’re exploring different options, it’s worth comparing the longevity and craftsmanship of Jaxxon chains with those available at GLD Shop vs Jaxxon to make a well-informed decision.

Jaxxon Chain Lifespan Expectations

Jaxxon proudly states that their chains are designed to last, withstanding both daily wear and activity. But how long will a Jaxxon chain really stay shiny and intact before needing to be replaced?

Here are my estimates based on average wear and tear:

  • With Daily Wear – If worn daily, a standard Jaxxon chain should last 3-5 years before signs of wear start to show. The chain may develop some faint scratches or discoloration, but will still be functional.
  • With Continuous Wear – Jaxxon chains hold up well to water, sweat, and being slept in. If worn 24/7, expect at least 2-3 years of functional wear. Wider chains over 4mm will last longer with continuous wear.
  • With Active Use – Jaxxon chains can handle sports, workouts, outdoor activities, etc. With active daily use, plan on 2-4 years before replacement. Avoid sharp impacts that could break links.
  • With Careful Occasional Use – For special occasions or night outs, with proper storage in between, a Jaxxon chain can stay pristine 5+ years.

So in most normal wearing conditions, you can trust a Jaxxon chain to last 3-5 years. Proper care and maintenance will maximize lifespan. Let’s look closer at the factors that affect durability.

Factors That Impact Jaxxon Chain Longevity

From the environment to your habits, several things influence how long your Jaxxon chain will last:

Chain Width

The wider the chain, the more sturdy it will be. Thinner chains under 3mm are more prone to bending and breaking. Chains 5mm or wider have the best resilience.

Pendant Weight

Heavy pendants add stress to chains, putting them at higher risk of damage. Choose lightweight pendants for longer chain life.

Sleeping and Bathing

Jaxxon steel holds up well to moisture and oils. But removing chains before sleeping and bathing reduces exposure and friction.

Storage and Maintenance

Store chains properly in soft fabric when not being worn. Perform periodic cleanings with mild soap and water. Don’t use harsh chemicals.

Environmental Factors

Chemicals, saltwater, temperature extremes can accelerate wear. But Jaxxon steel is less reactive than other metals.

Frequency of Use

The more often you wear your chain, the faster it will show signs of aging. Save chains for occasional use to prolong their lifespan.

Physical Activity

Impact activities like exercising or contact sports increase the chance of links breaking or bending. Take off chains before strenuous activity.

By minimizing these factors, you can keep your Jaxxon chain looking its best for years of wear.

Caring for Your Jaxxon Chain

The right care and cleaning routine is key for making Jaxxon chains hold up over time. Here are the best tips for maintenance:

  • Remove chains before showering, swimming, exercising, cleaning, etc. Even stainless steel can react with chemicals in soaps, chlorine, and cleaners over time.
  • When removing chains, don’t pull them over your head. Unclasp them to avoid friction and tangling that can damage the links and shape.
  • Use a polishing cloth or soft toothbrush with mild soap and warm water to gently remove dirt and body oils. Pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or harsh chemical cleaners like bleach. The high heat and chemicals can damage the protective layer on stainless steel over time.
  • Store chains properly when not being worn. Keep them in soft fabric pouches away from other metal pieces to prevent scratching.
  • Consider having chains professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Ultrasonic cleaners in professional settings are fine and will make them look brand new.

Follow these tips and your Jaxxon chains will maintain their high quality shine and structure for years of stylish wear.

How Jaxxon Compares to Other Popular Chain Brands

Jaxxon chains go head to head well with competitors like Miansai, BFORME, and UNOde50 when it comes to durability. Here’s a quick brand comparison:

  • Miansai – Also stainless steel, but focused more on plating and unique finishes. Durability is similar to Jaxxon but may show wear on plating sooner.
  • BFORME – Very similar to Jaxxon. Surgical steel too, with classic styles. Expected lifespan comparable. Jaxxon has a lower starting price point.
  • UNOde50 – Higher end brand with more precious metals like sterling silver. Durability not quite as strong as the steel brands unless going with a UNOde50 steel piece.
  • Men’s Warehouse – Cheaper stainless steel chains that won’t have the same resilience as Jaxxon. 1-2 year lifespan.

So Jaxxon holds its own against the top steel jewelry brands when it comes to longevity. The surgical grade steel construction gives it an advantage over cheaper versions while still being more affordable than precious metals.

When to Replace Your Jaxxon Chain

With regular wear, you can expect 3-5 good years from your Jaxxon stainless steel chain. But when should you start shopping for a replacement?

Here are the signs it may be time to retire your old chain:

  • Visible stretching, bending, or distortion of the links
  • Clasp no longer closing properly
  • Fraying or breakage of the steel
  • Significant discoloration
  • Rust accumulation
  • Chain failure (broken links)
  • Loss of structural integrity
  • Cumbersome to put on/take off

As long as your chain still has its original shape, smooth links, and working clasp, it’s still safely wearable. But if you notice any of the wear signs above, it’s best to replace it to avoid breakage or lost pendants.

The good news is Jaxxon chains are very affordable, especially compared to designer fine jewelry. So you can replace worn chains without breaking the bank.

Finding the Right Jaxxon Chain Length

One key factor that impacts comfort and how long chains last is finding the right length. Avoid lengths that cause excessive pulling or friction around your neck.

Here are some sizing tips for men and women:

Men’s Chain Length Guidelines

  • 16-18 inches – Standard go-to length for men’s chains. Falls just below the collarbone for versatile wear.
  • 20-22 inches – For a looser drape that hits mid-chest. Allows room for unbuttoning shirts.
  • 24-30 inches – Longer lengths for multiple strands or low pendant drops. Keep strands 18 inches or less.
  • Matching bracelet – Order a 7-8 inch chain to match necklace width and style.

Women’s Chain Length Guidelines

  • 16 inches – Sits just above collarbone for dainty everyday style.
  • 18 inches – Hits top of breastbone for a versatile medium length.
  • 20-24 inches – Longer lengths that drape below breastbone.
  • Choker length – 12-14 inches hits right on base of neck for a choker style.
  • Lariat length – 30 inches or longer to wrap around neck multiple times. Keep wrap sections 16-18 inches.
  • Layering – When layering multiple chains, vary lengths between 16 and 20 inches for staggered look.
  • Pendant length – Choose a length that allows pendant to hang comfortably without pulling. Add 2-3 inches to pendant length.
  • Hair length – Consider hair length so chains don’t tangle. Shorter 12-16 inch chains work best for long hair.

Finding Your Perfect Size

Finding Your Perfect Size

The best way to find your ideal chain length is to try on multiple sizes. Chains that are too short will feel tight and restricting, while overly long chains can tangled easily.

When trying on chains, check:

  • Comfort level with clasp closed
  • Hang distance from your neck
  • How it pairs with your pendant
  • Room for movement without pulling

You want your chain to rest smoothly without catching. Erring on the slightly longer side will allow a little slack and prevent strain on the links over years of wear.

Jaxxon’s standard sizing covers the ideal length range for most people. But don’t hesitate to request a custom length for the perfect personalized fit. A chain designed just for your proportions will stay securely in place and last for many years as part of your signature style.


How durable is Jaxxon stainless steel?

Jaxxon uses surgical grade 304 steel, the highest quality stainless steel available. It’s very resistant to scratches, bending, and breaking compared to other chain metals. With proper care, expect at least 3-5 years of everyday wear.

Do Jaxxon chains tarnish or rust?

Jaxxon steel chains should not tarnish or rust when worn. Some discoloration can happen over time from wear, but not full on tarnishing. Make sure to clean chains regularly and avoid harsh chemicals to prevent corrosion.

Can you wear Jaxxon chains in the shower?

Their stainless steel construction means Jaxxon chains can tolerate showering. But regular water exposure can degrade the metal over many years. For optimal lifespan, consider removing chains before bathing.

Should Jaxxon chains be removed for sports?

It’s best to take chains off for contact sports, weightlifting, running, etc. The impacts and movements can bend or snap links. For lighter exercise you can keep chains on, but assess risk of damage.

How do you clean Jaxxon chains safely?

Use a soft toothbrush with mild soap and warm water. Gently scrub links, then pat dry with soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or high heat cleaners that can react with and corrode the stainless steel over time.

The Bottom Line on Jaxxon Chain Longevity

When you invest in a Jaxxon stainless steel chain, you can trust it to become a go-to piece you’ll wear for years. With widths from 2mm to 8mm and lengths from 16 to 30 inches, you can find the perfect Jaxxon chain for your personal style.

Expect at least 3-5 years of everyday wear from a Jaxxon chain with proper care and maintenance. Select wider box and Singapore styles for maximum durability. Store chains properly when not wearing, clean gently with mild soap and water, and take them off for showers, swimming, and strenuous activity.

When considering how to clean gold jewelry at home, it’s worth noting that Jaxxon’s surgical grade stainless steel, renowned for its ideal balance of affordability, brilliance, and longevity, outshines more delicate metals prone to damage, ensuring their chains remain beautiful and long-lasting wardrobe staples.

So next time you’re shopping for yourself or a gift, don’t hesitate to add one of Jaxxon’s quality steel chains into the mix. With the right care, you’ll be enjoying the shine and strength of your Jaxxon pieces for years of everyday wear.

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