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There are many different styles of house across the world with some being built to a traditional two-storey variety and others based on a three-story townhouse design or perhaps a one level bungalow. As well as the differences between the style of the housing as well as whether they are of a semi-detached or detached variety, houses can also be characterised by the materials that are used to make. With so many different options to choose from it is always best when you are looking to buy a property to use the knowledge and services of a Gloucester Estate Agents like. Once you know the style of house that you are looking for and the geographical location Gloucester Estate Agents TGRES can set to work finding a selection of properties for you to view.

Here are some of the materials that houses are often made from:

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Fired Bricks – these are bricks that are made from a clay mixture rather than mud and are fired in a kiln to harden. This is much like the way that pottery is fired. These bricks are much harder than their mud-based counterparts and they do not succumb to the effects of the external environment such as rain. Bricks are held together in rows using mortar which essentially sticks the bricks to one another, making a sturdy outer casing for the building. There are examples of houses that were built in Ancient Roman times over 2000 years ago that are still standing today. Brick has become a preferred building material for many builders. In order for the house to be secured to the ground a foundation has be dug out and lay in order for the bricks to be placed on. Traditionally a brick built house will have a tiled roof.

Timber – these types of houses tend to be found in seaside areas. This tends to be because stone and bricks feel cold and damp next to the sea air. Timber houses come in many forms from the traditional log cabins that you can see in forest areas and in many countries on the continent to standard dwellings.

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Modern houses – most most day houses are made from parts that have been pre-fabricated. This makes them easier to ship and put together, which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete a house build. Most modern buildings have steel frames and walls and roofs made from boards and metal sheeting.

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