Tricks to take care of summer shoes

Summer shoes– Summer has finally arrived and with it, the joy of the most cheerful clothes! It’s time to make a hole in our closet to the new acquisitionsin case we need them and thus, let’s renew our clothes. Go shopping is one of the star formulas to help us de-stress and clear. In addition, thanks to this we will also increase our self-esteem and therefore, we will feel happier. When we talk about clothes, we come to the head at first clothes like blouses, shirts or skirts.

But not everything ends there. You should know that accessories are essential when creating our look. Therefore, acquire some pretty women’s shoes is one of the best options. When we buy them, we have to take into account what the care for summer shoes is. Therefore, in this post we will highlight what are the necessary keys  help of summer Shoes .

Tricks to take care of summer shoes

take care of summer shoes

Taking care of your shoes will only take a few minutes of your time. Just follow a series of practical tips to get it. During the winter, our shoes suffer the high temperatures that may be during some months of this season. On the other hand, in summer we tend to leave them in the suitcase in any way and with it, they rub and get dirty easily.
Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is that you should always keep them in their boxes or in cloth bags in case you travel. Make sure they are clean before you store them and that you include the corresponding paper in the box to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Never keep them piled in a shoe rack, always choose the order and the cloth bags if the boxes do not fit.
On the other hand, you should know that each shoe corresponds to a certain season. Therefore, make sure that the shoes of the last season are properly cleaned and kept so that when needed you are perfect. If you keep them with stains, you will have to stay with them after the months and they will be much more difficult to eliminate.

Do not store wet shoes

discover summer shoes

Now that your feet sweat with the heat, it is important that you do not keep your shoes wet. If so, you will only get them to get stiff and acquire an unpleasant pain. Clean them as they should be and let them dry at room temperature. Depending on the composition of each shoe, you will need one care or the other.

If they are suede, opt for a brush with soft bristles and pass it on the opposite side of the hair and then on the side of the hair. In case you have spots, mix water and neutral soap and then take a damp cloth with water and let them air dry.

A care for each type of footwear

best summer shoes

If the shoes are patent leather, take a damp cotton cloth with water and pass it through them. To remove their characteristic shine, choose a dry cloth and rub them. For metallic shoes, we will take a damp cloth to remove the dust and in case there are chafing, behind cover them with dye that is of the same hue.

Finally, if it’s canvas shoes, you can put them in the washing machine in short program and cold water. For shoes that have some rubber, you can choose toothpaste when rubbing the possible spots. In this way, your shoes will always look beautiful and will mark your style.

Tips to take care of summer shoes

the summer shoes

Hydrate your feet

It is important that you keep your feet hydrated throughout the summer. The key is to apply a light moisturizer, both on the plant and in the heel and instep. In this way, the skin of the area will become more elastic and resistant. A practice that will also allow you to avoid the unsightly cracks that form in the heels.

Hydrate the footwear

The hardness of the shoe seams can cause annoying chafing on your feet. In this case, apply moisturizer on them (days before putting them) to soften them and make them softer; as long as the shoe is leather.

Prepare the most sensitive areas of your foot

As prevention is better than cure, prepare those areas of the foot where you think the shoe can affect more pressure. Apply Vaseline on them, three or four days before the time you plan to put them on.

Some homemade tricks

In case you have not been able to prepare the sensitive areas of your feet in advance we can go to the home remedies, a field where the grandmothers move like fish in the water.

Put the shoes in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for a few hours (at least two). Just take them out, use the acquired moisture and put them to adapt to your last.

You can also fill a freezer bag with water and put it inside the shoe before putting them in the freezer. When freezing the bag will increase its volume a little and in this way will cause the shoes to give up a bit. Put them on as soon as you remove them so that they adapt to your foot.

Sprinkle a newspaper with alcohol and introduce it inside the shoe before putting them on to adapt them to the shape of your foot.

Go to invisible socks

Currently, the variety of  pinkies is greater than ever. There are to cover fingers and heels, only fingers, the area of ​​the pads of the plant … Opt for this trick if the shoe allows it (that is, if you hide) and thus protect you from friction.

Adapt them to the shape of your foot

Another very recommended tip is to put on your shoes to walk around the house, at times, during the week before. This way they will take the shape of your foot. You can also do it with socks, to give it and accelerate the process of adapting the

Remember also that the shoemaker can enlarge them a little thanks to tools and professional products. Consult him.

The magic of silicone templates

The silicone insoles can help prevent the formation of chafing on the sole of the foot; however, the heel area and the toe area remain unprotected. Value it by testing them.

Other key products

You can also resort to special sprays that we offer in some shoe stores, and even in pharmacies. The objective is none other than to soften the inside of the shoes to adapt them to each foot. To obtain a better result, it is advisable to walk for half an hour with socks, and the shoe in question, after applying the spray . Be careful to try the product in a hidden area of ​​the shoe, in case it leaves some kind of stain.

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