How to Make Ocher Color Step by Step

The ocher color, also called sienna color, falls within the range of shades of brown. In fact, ocher is what dehydrated iron oxide is called, as well as the color of yellowish earthy minerals like bismuth or nickel.

But within the ocher color you can also get other shades: gold color, dark ocher color, light ocher … if you like artistic painting and want to achieve exactly these mixed colors, we make it easy for you. Discover how to make ocher color step by step!

How to make ocher color?

The light ocher color, also called limonite, is a shade that is closer to yellow than any other. As it is a very light shade, you have to be careful when it comes to finding it since it is very easy to overdo it and end up creating too soft a color:

  • Prepare the paints you are going to use. From here, we recommend using tempera or gouache paint, since they are easier to handle to find the ocher color.
  • On a flat plate, place 10 parts yellow, one part red and a quarter part black. It is important that you adjust to these measurements as much as possible.
  • Mix all these colors with the brush and you will get orange ocher turning yellowish.
  • To turn it into light ocher, you must put three parts of white on it and mix them with the brush. You can also dilute the colors with a little water to get lighter shades.
  • Make a brushstroke and see if it is the color and shade you want. If you want lighter ocher, you should add a little more white.

how to make ocher color

Make dark other

Dark ocher is another possible shade within types of brown color. Dark ocher have a saturation between semi-neutral and weak, and to get the exact hue you want you should have the following colors on hand, take note:

  • Prepare the painting you want (the acrylic will be easy to handle) in yellow, black and orange.
  • Put 10 parts of yellow paint, 1 part of black paint and half part of orange paint on your palette.
  • Soak the tip of the brush in water and mix the colors until you get a dark hue.
  • We recommend adding black very little by little, as it is easy to overdo it and end up with a too dark hue. If you think the result is very smooth, you can add a little more black, but always with caution. If, on the other hand, you think the result is too dark, you can add a little white.

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Make golden other

Many plastic artists use mixtures with synthetic iron oxide to achieve a golden ocher hue. It is a color that mixes yellowish browns with chrome yellow. If you are wondering how to make golden ocher color, follow these steps:

  • From here, we recommend using watercolors, but you can prepare the paintings you prefer.
  • Mix 10 parts white, 1 part red, and half part black on paper or palette.
  • Mix these colors with the brush.
  • Make a brushstroke on the canvas to observe the color.
  • If you want a darker shade, you can add another half part of black paint, but always be very careful not to overdo it.

Make ocher flesh

This color was notably used until the first decade of the 20th century as natural ocher for artistic use. In addition, it is essential to achieve certain skin tones. We explain how to make ocher flesh:

  • Prepare the paints you are going to use and mix 10 parts yellow, one part red and half a part black and mix them.
  • On another side of the palette or the paper, you use to mix, join a part of black and a part of white. You will get a medium gray color.
  • Now combine other portions of white with black to create various shades of gray in the palette.
  • Place a part of carmine red on another side of the plate or palette.
  • Combine the previously obtained medium ocher with the carmine red color to achieve a dull orange color.
  • Get several shades of lighter and darker orange by adding more or less carmine red.
  • In another part of the plate, combine the different shades of orange obtained with the grays. In this way, you can obtain more or less saturated colors for the flesh ocher color.

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