How To Choose a Bike To Fit Your Body Type

An increasing number of people are taking an interest in cycling as a way to enjoy more fresh air, get more excercise, and even beat the fuel prices while still getting to and from work. If you are considering purchasing a bike, it is important to have the right fit. Use this guide to help you as you browse womens bikes for sale.

Choose the Correct Height for Your Seat

Choosing the right bike means being able to pedal comfortably as well as having the ability to reach the ground when you’re stopped. Calculating the right seat height is based on your inseam. To determine your inseam, stand barefood on a flat and even service without wearing pants. Put a book between your legs and push it up, then have someone measure the distance between the upper edge of the book and the floor. Multiply the number by 0.885. The result is the distance you need between your saddle and the bottom bracket when choosing a seat. This is important for ensuring you choose the best electric bike for petite riders.

Determine Which Handlebar Position Is Most Comfortable

Next, consider the handlbar position. The right fit depends on how you’ll use your bike. If you’re riding casually, an upright position is fine. However, if you’re riding competitively or plan to use the bike to commute, you’ll get better aerodynamics with handlebars that require you to lean forward. Regardless of your choice, they should be comfortable to grab and help you distribute your weight evenly between the front and back of your bike. If you want to use your bike interchangeably, look for handlebars that you can adjust.

Check Out the Saddle Tilt and Position

The right seat height is important, but so is how you position it. In most cases, your saddle should be parallel to the ground. To test the seat position, sit on your bike and place your pedals in the 3 o’clock position. At this point, your knee should directly align with the ball of your foot. If it doesn’t, consider adjustments. Also keep in mind that most people lose flexibility as they age. If you begin to notice discomfort when you pedal, you may need to adjust your seat.

Think About What You’re Using Your Bike For

Finally, decide what you’re using your bike for. Road bikes are common for those who will be on paved streets, such as riding to work in a city. They are available both as standard sizes (small, medium, or large) or as nuemrical sizes. Keep in mind that different brands measure differently.

Mountain bikes are another common type. These are useful if you plan to ride over hiking trails or otherwise off-road. Some people prefer mountain bikes because they typically have thicker tires for the added traction and feel like a sturdier frame. If you are only riding occasionally, this is okay, but the upright position of the handlebars may cause back pain if you ride daily.

Perhaps you want to use your bike for both commuiting and recreation. Consider searching for electric bikes for tall riders. These types of hybrid bikes provide the best of both worlds, making it easier for you to ride as little or as often as you like without causing pain.

When choosing your bike, always talk to a reputable retailer. Knowledgeable sales people are more likely to ensure you get the right fit the first time.

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