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Up bringing of little ones

To give birth to a child is one thing but to bring up the child easily is another thing. To give birth is not difficult. A more important thing is to bring up the child in such a way that the parents do not find it difficult to handle or tackle problems related to their child.
I have come across a number of couples who have given but birth to a child or children and are facing difficulty in bringing them up. They face problems related to the child’s toys and play, meals, toilet training, learning, discipline, cleanliness, health, mixing up and many others. The couples are educated but not in the field of parenting and they get disturbed and upset by small activities of their child. The only need is to keep patience and handle the child tactfully.

take care of the child

I was brought up in a joint family and thus my parents never had difficulty in bringing us up. When I grew up in a joint family, I got an opportunity to see how kids are tackled. Parents are not the only people to take care of the child. The grand parents, uncle, aunt, cousins, servants etc. all contribute. The baby learns to tolerate, co-operate, share, mix up and lots more quite naturally. No one has to make any effort to develop all this in the child.

Considering the present time, there are nuclear families. Parents are both working. After being blessed with a child they just don’t know how to manage the activities, what to do, what not to do. They try different ways to tackle the kids. Some times they fail and occasionally they succeed.

I have managed to collect tips from lots of experienced parents. I am trying to put them on this site for all those couples who get upset by different activities of there child and just don’t know what to do. It will also help single parents.

Parents are also requested to contribute kids care tips and articles to the site to make it more rich and help other inexperienced parents by their experience.

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