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Are you tired of being thrown out younger than you are? You may be glad at thirty-five that they insist that you are twenty-two, but when you are barely twenty and they tell you that you have the face of a twelve-year-old girl … Things change! But don’t worry, because in this article we are going to give you some tips that will help you to appear how old you really are. Now, tricks to look older.


On many occasions and due to our nature, the image we give to others does not please us because it may seem too childish and we want to project another that makes us look older. Obviously, this post is focused on those who, being of age, does not seem like it, the minors should refrain from putting them into practice that they will have time to be and really look like it.

The reasons are usually very varied, since they take us more seriously in general, to allow us to do certain things, such as looking better in casting, being able to access a job in front of the public, or even not being able to Ask for the identity card every time we want to enter a show, a party or a disco. In this article, we are going to give you a series of tricks to look older than we are, always following the trends of 2022 in terms of clothing, hairstyle, and makeup.


Of course, this is an openly kept secret, because that is so, makeup will always give us a more formal, more worked, and therefore more adult look. Realize that, by wearing a very natural face, with hardly any makeup, it will always seem more innocent, and therefore, more childish, as when we were not yet toying with the idea of ​​painting our lips.

It is true that many women today look super strange when they put on makeup, either because they are not used to looking like that, or because they do not really know how to do it. You have to bear in mind that it is not about wearing makeup as if you were going to act in a cabaret or a play, or at least not always.

You must also remember when you put on makeup that makeup is not to give a disguised face, but to highlight our features, to highlight and enhance our most attractive features, and correct what we do not like, such as thin lips, sunken eyes, or a face that is too round. All this has a solution with makeup, and when you start using it, you will see that they no longer consider that you are still a teenager. Of course, you must learn to use it, and how you really learn is by using it, practicing, until you find the technique that best suits you.

One of the easiest and fastest tricks to look older or more adult is to use intense lipsticks, either red, raspberry, or burgundy. Working your lips right is the first step to good “big girl” makeup. Little by little you can incorporate if you are not used to makeup, a little color in the eyes. First, start with the mascara, then with the eyeliner, and then, when you have gotten used to it, learn to wear the cat line or smoky eyes when you want to go out at night. They will never call you girls again!


We will comment on it later, but clothing is essential when it comes to looking older since you will have to flee from what you used to wear in high school or school. Team up with blazers for a more professional and formal look, as well as blouses or shirts and pants without rips and dark. Add some color with sequins and carry a purse or clutch instead of backpacks or crossbody bags.


Dressing to look older does not mean going like our grandmothers, but choosing clothes that are far from childish, such as Powerpuff Girls sweatshirts and tracksuits, T-shirts with Hello Kitti prints, colored leggings, or Scottish skirts. We should tend to dress in a more formal way by choosing sober outfits, which without falling into boring give us a more mature image, for this, it is ideal to choose models such as those in the images, modern jacket suits, dresses with cheerful but elegant prints.

As for colors, opt for neutrals such as black, blue, or gray, combined with white and pastel tones, and above all avoid garish colors. As for footwear, always try to wear something high in boots, shoes, or sandals, but without falling into extravagances that make us seem frivolous and immature.


The way to go combed is essential to project a more mature image and for this, it is essential to start with a good haircut. The one who can best advise us is our stylist, but to get an idea we must flee from the collected type ponytails or schoolgirl-style braids, and opt for elegant and modern collected, such as bows, braid or side or back ponytail, and semi-long stripped manes or asymmetric.

The bangs, if possible, are stripped and combed to the sides. The color is very important, no platinum blonde, choose brown, brown, ash blonde, reddish, and always illuminated with highlights or reflections to give the feeling of being older.

The makeup that we should choose has to be as natural as possible, always using lipstick in brown or reddish tones and tan blushes, but never bright or bright pink. As for the eyes, use shadows, which combined with the color of our eyes, have the effect of having a deep look and for this, we must choose dark tones combined with the eye-liner and mascara, and give a touch of white to the birth of eyebrows to brighten.

And most important of all, maintain an adult attitude, express ourselves with formality and maintain appropriate body expressions, and stay away from the typical adolescent fuss and screams.

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