Creating That Vital Initial Impression: The Pristine Office

A company’s image is important to existing and prospective customers. Businesses that take care of their buildings such as Basingstoke Offices to let, and have pride in their work environment, give the impression of success. Offices to let Basingstoke way can be used by businesses of all sizes and from start ups right through to more established companies. Image has an impact on all of these businesses.

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That’s why the big corporates build their offices high, in glass, and using chrome that sparkles in the sun, often with landscaped plazas and sculptures at their base. Curb appeal is part of their branding and marketing. It shows they care about their clients, their staff and the environment.

But having found the building that matches the brand image it is absolutely essential to keep it pristinely clean and tidy, otherwise the impact is lost. This can be incredibly difficult in the cities, with pollution from traffic and mess from pests and rodents.

Glass and chrome needs to be washed and polished regularly to keep it shiny, which is why you see people dangling from ropes attached to small cradles at ridiculously high levels from the ground in central London. Ground staff are often employed to maintain the surrounding area, in addition to hired or on-site pest control services.

Pest Control

Pigeons cause tremendous damage to buildings and their droppings are a health hazard as they contain bacteria and fungal spores that can cause lung problems and stomach upsets. It is also corrosive to buildings if not removed quickly.

Bird control services in London and other major UK cities are widely used, to maintain populations and curtail damage and health issues.


Owners and managers need to know the rules and regulations surrounding pest control. The Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture website provides all the necessary information relating to pest control and bird control.

Keeping the environment clean of rubbish and any food-related litter is also vital to prevent rats from moving in. Their droppings can spread tuberculosis and salmonella, so are a serious health hazard. However, care has to be taken using pesticides in areas where staff and customers may come into contact, which is why this sort of maintenance is best done after hours and at weekends.

A great deal of consideration is required, not just for the building’s structure but for the environment in which it occupies.

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