When to change your dust filter

If you’ve ever noticed that your dust collector is not drawing in sufficient airflow, it could be time to change the filter.

Dust collectors provide a vital role in controlling and reducing harmful emissions created by an industrial process. When a clean filter is functioning at full capacity, it traps the dust particles and lets clean air pass through. Without regular maintenance and replacement however, that dust will build-up and affect the efficiency of the filter. When dust levels become too heavy, cleaning is required, which is usually done with a pulse of air. Eventually though, the media will reach full capacity and cleaning will no longer be effective. As the weight of dust penetrates the filter media, compressed air pulses will no longer be sufficient to clean the filter.

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A dust collector that is not performing as it should be is usually the result of high levels of dust loading, cleaning not carried out effectively or a mix of both factors. If left in this condition, machinery can malfunction, leading to unexpected downtime, loss of money and higher operating costs.

Here are some steps for keeping your filter in tip top condition and avoiding costly downtime:

  1. Cleaning

Using compressed air pulses is vital for effective filter cleaning and for prolonging the life of the filter too. If the air pressure isn’t high enough, the filter is not cleaned properly meaning a faster deterioration time. If the pressure is too high, the filter is used up faster and will need to be replaced sooner. The air should always be free of water and oil and set at manufacturer recommendations.

  1. Keep hopper clear

Don’t use the hopper for storage. The bin should be emptied regularly to prevent any dust coming into contact with the filter.

  1. If the filters look dirty

Don’t be alarmed by dirty-looking filters. This means they are working effectively. If you’re concerned about dust saturation and possible need for replacement, look at the differential pressure gauge on the machine for pressure drop. Check your manufacturers guide for what pressure drop indicates a saturated filter in need of replacement. For all your dust collecting needs, like a Spiral Duct, go to Dust Spares.

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  1. Change cartridges all together

All of the cartridges in a dust collector must be replaced at the same time. The reason this is important is because a filter generally takes time to settle in, condition itself and become efficient. A new filter will have less resistance than older ones, so mixing old and new will have a detrimental effect. Air will find the least resistant path and thus circulate mainly around the new cartridge. This will force the dust particles deep into the new filter, making it impossible to clean. This results in the new cartridge needing replacement much sooner than normal.

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