3 Most Common Types of Heavy Mixers in the Blending Industry

There are many types of industries that need to blend ingredients together in order to create a product for their consumers. There are also some manufacturers out there who are devoted solely to mixing ingredients for other businesses. This means that they might be a factory that receives ingredients from a company and mix them together onsite to create a product for this partner. Therefore, mixing equipment is very important to all kinds of businesses, and this is something that all consumers and business owners should be aware of. Actually, there are three common types of mixers that you should know about in the blending industry.

1. Paddle Mixer

First, a paddle mixer got its name from the type of metal turners that exist inside this mixer. The arms that turn the ingredients resemble paddles that you might find on a boat, and they are very efficient in gently turning ingredients. These kinds of mixers are also very easy to disassemble and clean, making them highly sought after. Once the material is mixed, it is then added to one or several bins for storing.

2. Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon mixers also have their names from the kinds of arms inside the machines. They are long, narrow rims that run down the entire length of the machine and mix the ingredients a bit more aggressively, and could potentially create a finer product.

3. Tumbler Mixer

You can’t forget about the tumblers. Now, these are specifically designed for dry mixing, but in some cases, liquid can be included. The drums rotate the solid particles around and gravity plays its role in mining the components together. It would be just as if you mixed several different kinds of sand in your dryer at home. You can imagine how well mixed they would be at the end.

These mixers play an important part in creating the products and chemicals you use every day. Sometimes, it’s good to take a moment and appreciate these kinds of devices.

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