What do you need to cut down a tree?

Not many of us are tasked with having to cut down a tree. Large trees are best left to professionals like tree surgeons to deal with, or specially trained forestry workers. However, a person may feel able to cut down a small or young tree but remember that safety must always be the priority. Have you ever wondered what kind of tools are used by lumberjacks and tree surgeons? How do they bring down those mighty thick trunks?

Chain saws

This is usually the first tool that comes to mind when thinking about chopping down trees. A chainsaw is indeed the quickest way to cut through a trunk and fell a tree. These tools are very dangerous and should only be operated by highly trained professionals. A chainsaw is a powerful machine that can cut through bark fairly easily. Chainsaws are used for all types of tree work, including cutting individual branches. When you need timber for a project, consider Timber Merchants Portsmouth at a site like

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Pole Chainsaw

This type of chainsaw is ideal for reaching branches. It has a greater reach than a traditional chainsaw and even though operating such a tool when up a ladder is not ideal, a pole saw will make light work of removing unwanted or hazardous branches. As with traditional saws, these are available in both gas and electric powered options. Gas saws offer better power but do release fumes and are pretty loud! A pole chainsaw with a longer reach is safer than trying to position oneself closer to an awkward branch with a traditional saw.

Bow Saw

This tool requires no power and is effective at cutting through branches using tough blades and a back and forth rocking motion to apply pressure. Thankfully, you don’t need a large amount of physical power to use a bow saw and they generally make light work of cutting through medium diameter branches.


A lopper is a manual device requiring no power and is suited to smaller jobs that don’t require the thrust and cutting power of a chainsaw. More powerful than shears, they can cut through branches with a smaller diameter and have a powerful jaw. They come with hand grips, making them comfortable to use and are ideal for any homeowner to use for light to medium duty garden care.


An axe is a tool that has been used since ancient times and is a popular image of traditional tree-cutting techniques. Chopping down a tree with an axe is going to take substantially more physical energy than using a chainsaw but can work better in certain situations. A good quality axe is very sharp and creates a nice smooth cut into a trunk or branch.

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This is essentially a more portable version of an axe. It is handy for smaller trees and branches where an axe might be too large. Hatchets are often used for wood cutting to make fires when camping as they are good for wood splitting. For bigger jobs though, an axe will be easier to use.

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