Building a career as a professional sports coach

A professional sports coach has a variety of tasks to complete in their role and this will depend very much on the time in the current playing season as well as current performance results. The activities they undertake may depend on the nature of the sport and the level of the players under their care. However, most professional sports coaches carry out the following duties.

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Improve technique

A professional sports coach will help players get to the top of their game. This involves identifying weakness and improving their technique and skills to achieve the most from their performance. This will be based on an analysis of the training and match performances.

Monitor performance

Players will only improve if their performance is monitored and goals are set so they have something to strive for. It’s the job of the professional coach to fulfil these tasks, making sure that individual needs are met according to the skills of each player. This may involve looking at individual players as well as the performance of the team as a whole. Movements in team positions usually occur following a review of team performances in recent matches.

Encourage team cooperation

Team sports such as football can only achieve success if the players work together, and it’s the role of the coach to encourage players to work as a team and co-operate with each other. Part of ensuring a team works together involves organising or purchasing kits, such as Football Kits, from reputable suppliers like www.kitking.co.uk/ If the players look like a team this is often the first step in encouraging them to think like a team.

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Work with others

A professional sports coach doesn’t just work with the players. According to Prospects, a coach also liaises with physiotherapists, doctors and nutritionists so that a holistic approach is taken to performance management. The players wellbeing is of utmost importance to a sports coach and this includes their fitness, overall health and mental wellbeing.

Inspire confidence

A professional sports coach does more than just communicate the rules of the game; they must have the necessary skills that inspire confidence, motivation and self-belief in players. Offering encouragement helps players achieve their goals and allows them to rise to challenges or carry on in the face of any setbacks. It is often the coach that picks the players morale up when they have been going through a low performance period.

Maintain health and safety

Health and safety is essential in any sport, and it’s the job of the sports coach to ensure that this is adhered to at all times during training sessions. This may include completing risk assessments for matches both on the home ground and away.

Give feedback

An important part of the role of a professional sports coach is giving feedback to players. This feedback needs to be constructive so that players can learn and progress. It should be best on the ways in which the player can improve their fitness and skills as well as how they interact with the rest of the team.

Admin and planning

It’s easy to assume that a professional sports coach spends all of their time instructing players, but the role involves a wider set of tasks that takes place off the pitch. This includes planning and admin duties, such as producing personalised training programmes, maintaining records, organising matches or meetings, and applying for sponsorship.

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