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Drain Relining – What is it and How do you Know if your Pipes Need to be Repaired

Our drains and sewers are important parts of our modern life – although we barely give them a thought, when something goes wrong with our drainage, we soon realise how important it is! Damage to the pipes that carry our waste away can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find what the problem is with the pipe, and as well as being problematic for our drainage, they can also contaminate the soil if they are leaking.

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Companies like this one www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-lining offer drain lining surveys which can help to find the problem area within the pipes. The pipes can then be relined which is a much more efficient process than in the past, where pipes would have to be dug out and then replaced.

Depending on the size and reason for the damage a pipe can be repaired by relining it. In some cases, it could be that the pipe is blocked and has to be unblocked first, but the blockage in the pipe may have caused cracks which means that relining it once the blockage is cleared is the best way to repair it.

As well as relining drains, another process that can help is something called patch repair. It differs from re-lining, as it is not in the pre shaped pipe that is used in relining, it is used to pack the pipe, a kind of resin substance is put in and left for an hour or so. This is a better choice to use when it is only a small area of pipe that is damaged.

Looking out for the signs that your pipe needs relining is something that everyone should do, as making sure that you get onto the problem before it becomes bigger is something that will save you money. Here are some things that could be a sign of a crack or damage to the pipe…

Bad Smells – This is one of the most obvious signs that there is pipe damage. Stagnant and dirty water as well as the actual waste that could be sitting in the pipe are what causes this, and the smells get worse over time and in warmer weather.

Wet Areas – If you see areas which are damp or puddles forming then this is another sign that there may well be a problem with a pipe. This could be in the house or outdoors, depending on where the damage is.

Rats – The smells from the pipes can be attractive to rats, so their presence might indicate a pipe damage. Rats are also problematic to have in and around your home, so this is another reason to get it fixed quickly.

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Strange Noises – Pipes that are damaged often make strange noises. If you can hear continually running water or gurgling in the pipes, then this may also be a sign that you need to have it repaired.

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