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Postpartum recovery tips: What to do to recover the body?

There comes a time in my postpartum in which I get into a tester, and when I raise my leg to put on my pants on duty I look in the mirror and think what a disaster, what discouragement … what do I do now to recover my body or something that Would you like it? Which in my case is not a matter of weight? Follow these postpartum recovery tips to stay safe.

It is a question of making challenging to explain, but when you put yourself in that untenable position, you see so many hanging meats, folds and strange textures that you do not know if you need a particular treatment, a personal trainer or an aesthetic reconstruction from top to bottom.

Postpartum recovery tips

Against all the odds, this third postpartum has been the best of all. I regained the weight almost immediately and even got to be below the initial weight before the unbearable hunger and thirst of breastfeeding made me go back up a bit.

Postpartum recovery tips

But weight is not everything. It is the distribution of fat and, above all, soft meat, skins, wrinkles in unsuspected places. When I put myself in front of the mirror to make a hypopressive … I hallucinate how my body has changed in the last ten years.

Things that influence before and during pregnancy and then recover better

Starting from a body in conditions before pregnancy is a help. But it is not a guarantee. I arrived at my first pregnancy with a worked abdomen, and yet it went to hell in that first cesarean section. Still, I’m sure that if it had been flabby before, the result would have been much worse.

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To hydrate the skin well and fight against stretch marks from the beginning helps a lot. I am convinced that specific effects cannot be avoided, but caring for the skin with an effective anti-stretch mark treatment is essential. Using natural products during pregnancy, including a good oil anti-stretch marks, is something that has always worried me. Having certified brands like Weleda from my point of view is a time saving because we know that they will be suitable for pregnancy (if you know me you already know that during pregnancy I worry about everything).

Not giving up during pregnancy is essential. That is easy to say and very complicated to carry out, especially when you find yourself fatal, you have to rest, or you have a canine hunger. Thinking about what comes next helps, but you do not always have the willpower to stay active and not eat a mammoth in every attack of hunger.

From my point of view, also, moving the body and eating a healthy diet also influences the mood and is an excellent base to later feel better during the hard months that come after the baby is born.

What to do to recover the body after the postpartum?

It seems very obvious, but in my case, it is not so obvious since I do not return to be me as long as I do not finish breastfeeding. It happened to me with the Medium, with a postpartum as long as the three and a half years I gave him the breast. And it was not until a few months after it was over when I finally felt, and my body became recognizable again.

Postpartum recovery tips

This time I’m in them. Although La Niña is moving at full speed towards the age of one, I am amid a puerheric apogee. I thirst all the time. I am hungry atrocious 24 hours a day, hormones on edge and, of course, I do not have the rule. If we add that I have to take it to do my needs and when I’m not attending to her I’m with one of his brothers, as I can when I can, my hobby to walk-almost-run has had to be postponed and that the last few weeks I’m having them folded while I take her by the hands so she can practice the walk … in short, I do not have time to take care of myself.

In addition, I have already verified that when I am breastfeeding, I retain a slice of melon. I did not get back to my forms until the Breastfeeding of the Medium was finished, and this time, it happens to be precisely the same. Sure it sounds to you that you drink a glass of water and your gut swells automatically. It’s very frustrating.

But, yes, of course, things can be done to recover the rubble body. Exercise, a diet in conditions and – wait for me to laugh – sleep a minimum of hours in terms.

I do not like this body. I may not seem to have had three children from the outside, but when I take off my clothes and stand in front of the mirror I do not like what I see and, above all, I do not recognize myself. It’s not nice. Not even if it was for a good reason. But since today I can not do anything, I try not to think much.

My time is to come. And, like everything in the upbringing, I try to take it with humor while that moment arrives.

Have you recovered well, or have you felt like me for a long time? What has gone well for you to improve your body after the postpartum?

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